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7 Tips How to Boost Magento Store With Reviews and Ratings

Jan 29, 2021 0

To stay competitive and achieve new conversion and sales rates, Magento store owners must use all the tools and possibilities. One of these tools is reviews that users leave on the website. Surprisingly, many businessmen underestimate their usefulness, even though 89% of buyers won’t buy anything until they read the reviews. In this article, we’ll highlight some helpful tips and tricks to help you collect and use customer reviews more efficiently and boost your Magento store. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Tip #1. Make a Use of Retail Therapy Benefits

First, let’s find out what retail therapy is. First of all, it is a shopping process aimed to improve the buyer’s mood. Scientists have long proven that shopping is closely related to dopamine’s secretion, the hormone of joy. With the help of shopping, many people distract themselves from pressing problems and improve their mood.

But how can the average salesperson take advantage of retail therapy? Just subtly interfere with the buying process. Completing the purchase for the customers is the peak of joy, and you can use the usual pop-up window asking to leave a review about the shopping process, and there is a very high chance that this review will be positive.

Tip #2. Implement Automation in Gathering Reviews Process

By automating the collection of reviews, you can significantly speed up this process and improve the user experience. This will help you automatically send letters to customers after making purchases.

You might think that automatic mailing will make emails look a bit mechanical. To avoid this, you should carefully consider the letter’s content, tone of voice and make letters as personalized as possible. These letters will show that you value your customers and greatly increase the chances of a customer leaving a positive review after the purchase.

Tip #3. Reviews With Photos Make Your Magento Store Powerful

It is a well-known fact that visual information is better absorbed, and people are inclined to believe in what they can see. These features of psychology are especially applicable to buyers and reviews on e-commerce websites. The impact of photo reviews on buyers is much more substantial than a regular text review.

Implement the feature to add media files feature to your review website section. This feature will give shoppers the ability to add product photos to their reviews and encourage them to write more detailed reviews. Photo reviews significantly strengthen brand loyalty and should not be neglected.

Tip #4. Get Into Conversation With Customers

This advice is extremely important because your responsibilities as a store owner do not end with shipping the goods into the buyer’s hands. In addition to providing top-tier services, you must provide detailed answers to customer questions. Even if the buyer’s review does not contain a specific question, you must answer it. Answers show your attention to each customer and let them know how much you value them.

Despite the fact that this is time-consuming, no comment should go unanswered. Reputation and customer confidence loss will cost you much more than hiring a professional support team to solve customer problems and respond to their comments.

Tip #5. Enhance Your Snippets With Reviews

The positive reviews you collect are great material for generating enticing snippets. These enhanced snippets attract more attention, significantly increase the click-through rate, and help in the SEO optimization to boost your Magento website. Using this advantage, your website will appear much higher in various search engines. Feel free to implement good reviews in your Google snippet code, and you will see positive changes in traffic and conversion rates for yourself.

Tip #6. Conquer Social Media Frontier

Social media rules the world today, and store owners should use them wisely to promote their brand. Most customers interact with brands through social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others. While social media integration is useful for attracting new customers, you shouldn’t discount the opportunity to increase the loyalty of an existing audience.

Integrate reviews of your products and services on social media, which will help show your reputation to a wide audience, attract new customers and strengthen relationships with the existing customer audience.

Tip #7. Make the Most out of Facebook Ads

Let’s say you’ve already integrated your reviews into Facebook, and you want to get the most out of it. Facebook Sponsored Ads will help you with this. This social network receives more than 90 percent of its profits from advertising, which shows the huge potential for reaching an audience.

Using 5-star reviews in your sponsored ads, you build a community around your brand and help new audiences connect with your brand. You get the double benefit of growing traffic and building relationships with your existing audience.

Wrapping Up

We’ve shared 7 ways you can leverage positive customer reviews to benefit your Magento store. We hope these tips will significantly improve your store’s performance. But if your store does not have the necessary functionality to implement all the tips, our team of Senior Magento Developers will be happy to help you introduce all the necessary tools for efficiently collecting and using custom reviews. Drop us a line and our representative will contact you as soon as possible.

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