Trips to Italy


TRIPS to ITALY helps very curious individuals travel with a team of professional native Italians that are able to guide you through all the fascinating corners of Italy and to offer a framework of a style and culture as well as to flavor pure Italian. On this Magento Community based website you can easily book Escorted or Individual Tours of Italy, Guided Tours & Sightseeing, Fly and Drive Packages, Culinary/Cooking Class Tours, Italy Honeymoon Packages, Winter Ski Packages, Custom Itineraries and Cruise Shore Excursions.



Our client faced us with a number of challenges. As this eCommerce web site sells  trips to one of the most picturesque country, they need a lot of bright, colorful photos for their online store to attract more customers. So, the first task for SaM Ecommerce was to large images upload and storage.To make the site more comfortable in use we have to change its structure, to provide everything that can create a friendly online atmosphere for customers.



  • Setting four main tools that will help to learn about Italy, explore the travel packages,contact the travel experts, customize the itinerary
  • Creating fast image upload system and lager storage
  • Providing new search tool to help customers find necessary information quickly
  • Creating a map where you can select a region to view its cities and available travel packages


Now, you can travel through Magento website, TRIPS to ITALY, fast and without any problems. There you will certainly find the best destination for you due to the modern and useful innovations applied by our professional team. English, German and American users have already evaluated this newborn online store.

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