Sellars is a leading manufacturer of shop towels, disposable wipers, and sorbents that are made with recycled fibers. They are in great request in America, England and Germany. The form of raw materials used by this company shows that it is deeply committed to and passionate about the environment.

The Sellars eCommerce web store had been created on Magento Community edition for providing not only high quality products made with recycled fibers but world class customer service and sales support.



SaM Ecommerce task was to create a special range of industry leading marketing tools that will make online ordering simple and considerably increase company sales. We were asked to provide complete online control with the revolutionary new e-commerce online account management. They wanted us to create the same day shipping and live inventory management system.



  • Creating Real-Time Online Wiper and Sorbent Ordering System that is the latest addition to the tools that are stated on their web site
  • Setting Power Match - exclusive cross reference that can compare up to 200 products at once as well as import and export directly into Excel
  • Creating a library with colorful Sellars product photos, logos, literature and ads
  • Providing individual downloadable worksheets for every product available on each product page


SaM Ecommerce built a high level Magento web store that has everything to make the process of purchase and sale more convenient. The great and colorful library will help you to choose the product you need, Real-Time Online System will speed up ordering. Moreover, there you can find an order history page where you can review, track, export or print your previous orders.

So if you carry about the environment and want to enjoy shopping, buy Sellars products from high-quality organized Magento web store.

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