Top 6 eCommerce Trends to Look Forward to in 2021

Top ecommerce trends 2021

Each year, the e-commerce industry tries to anticipate future trends that will accompany it in the next year. And this is not surprising. The introduction of trends in both the industry and businesses helps them flourish, develop, and reach new heights. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Trend #1. Voice Assistants

Analysts predict that in 2025, 75% of households in the US will have smart speakers with built-in voice assistants. As a result, e-commerce sales through voice assistants will grow to $40 billion by 2022.

The reason for this rapid growth is the fast advancement in voice assistant technology. They are becoming more accurate and faster. Besides, companies like Google and Amazon are expanding the number of supported languages, which has a positive effect on increasing the audience that uses smart speakers.

Trend #2. Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

The usefulness and effectiveness of artificial intelligence can hardly be overestimated. Many industries are implementing it into their workflows, and the e-commerce industry is not going to stand aside from this trend. Recent market research from Juniper found that online stores will spend $7.3 billion by 2022 to integrate AI into workflows.

Artificial intelligence in online shopping serves as a great helper that provides each customer with a personalized experience. This is achieved by analyzing the buyer’s current and past actions, and, based on this information, AI offers products that are highly likely to be liked by the buyer.

Augmented reality serves as a bridge that connects the customer and the desired product. For example, a user wants to purchase running shoes. Augmented reality helps visualize the desired pair of sneakers and allows the user to view the product from all angles before purchasing. Analysts predict that more than 120,000 stores will implement this technology in 2022.

Trend #3. Mobile Ecommerce Domination

Mobile devices have become an integral part of life. We carry out more and more everyday tasks with their help, and e-commerce follows this trend. By 2021, analysts promise huge domination of mobile shopping over any other. To be precise, 73% of all online sales will occur through mobile devices. This is why store owners should pay more attention to the mobile side of their stores.

Ecommerce trends 2021

Trend #4. Sustainability and Ecommerce Bound Together

Green consumerism is on the rise now. This forces many brands to adapt to the new trend and change their policies quickly. This trend is based on buyers’ growing desire to purchase products made using environmentally friendly technologies or are recyclable.

Social surveys have shown that 65% of shoppers want to buy from brands that support the environment and produce sustainable products. This indicator is an obvious forecast for increasing sales from brands and companies that will follow this trend, and many brands are gradually switching to Green consumerism. For example, Amazon recently announced that the company would reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2040.

Trend #5. New Payment Options Are on the Horizon

By offering a wide range of payment options to customers, you are expanding your audience. Since it has long been no secret that if buyers do not find the desired payment option on the website, they simply will not shop on the website at all.

Today most brands stick to standard digital wallet payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google, PayPal, and credit cards. But at the same time, a new payment method using cryptocurrency looms on the horizon. Cryptocurrency has quite significant advantages over other payment methods, such as low fees and a complete absence of reverse transactions.

With the popularization of cryptocurrency and the expansion of its audience, brands will begin to introduce payment methods with cryptocurrency in their stores. And this should happen already in 2021.

Trend #6. Influencers Are Your Friends

Content creation and audience building with influencers’ help in 2021 will rapidly gain momentum. Talking Influence confidently states that the global Instagram influencer marketing market will hit $5.86 billion in 2021.

Why will this marketing method become so popular? There are two reasons for this.

Many brands do not have the resources to create enough content to maintain constant attention around the product. Brands turn to influencers for help in this process.

The second reason is essentially a ready-made customer platform. Influencers often have a large audience, and brands advertise their products to this audience on favorable terms for both parties to increase sales.

The audience is a key factor in why influencers will become friends of many brands in 2021.

Wrapping Up

We have reviewed the six most significant e-commerce trends for the next year. However, the e-commerce industry is in constant development. And who knows, maybe in a week there will be a new trend that will revolutionize the industry. And that's all for now. If you have any questions about the e-commerce industry and your business, contact us, and we will advise you and help your business reach new heights.

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