Best Growth Strategies to Leverage Your E-commerce Business in 2021

Strategies for E-commerce Business in 2021 @freepik

This fact is the result of the industry reaching heights that it has never reached. In 2020 worldwide online sales reached $3.53 trillion, and analysts are forecasting further growth next year. Is your store ready for such explosive growth? Or maybe you are in the process of careful preparation? To help you in this process and guide you on the right path, we have prepared several growth strategies that will lead your store to success in 2021. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Update Your Website

This strategy is the basis for all subsequent ones, which we will describe below. After all, if your website is outdated, it will negatively affect conversions and sales. Start 2021 by analyzing and evaluating your website. This will help you determine what exactly needs to be added to the updated site and what needs more attention during the update. To make things easier, we will present several aspects that should be updated:

  • Design. New year with a new design. Work it out to the smallest detail, making your site pleasing to the eye and user-friendly.
  • SEO. Take care of optimizing your site in search engines.
  • Chatbot. It’s an ultimate feature that improves user experience.

It is also worth making sure that your website is mobile-friendly, as analysts predict that in 2021 the number of sales through mobile devices will reach 72.9 percent of total sales. Provide a user-friendly design for your site for mobile devices and develop PWA (Progressive Web Application). PWA is a great solution that will provide users with fast loading of your site and the ability to view what they have browsed without access to the network.

Social Media is Your Strongest Weapon

Social networks are a powerful sales engine that many entrepreneurs use for other purposes. To effectively guide social media users on the buying path, your social media needs to be updated. The upgrade will tackle tactics such as regular streaming, a chatbot built into your store's social media page, and the introduction of paid advertising that will attract customers ready to purchase.

Refresh Your E-Mail Marketing List

Even though email marketing is a fairly old form of promotion, it is still very popular among both small businesses and industry giants. However, this kind of marketing should be considered regardless of the size of the company. The main task for the next year is to update the database of addresses for email marketing. Why send thousands of letters, spending money and resources, if only hundreds of them will be useful.

To update your marketing list, you should send your customers a questionnaire where you ask customers for their opinion on the products they want to see and what information they want to receive by mail.

This method will clearly show the number of active addresses that should be emphasized further by the marketing campaign.

Strategies for E-commerce Business in 2021 @freepik

Level Up Your Delivery With 3PL

The pandemic has taught people that they can order anything, and after a while, the goods will be on their doorstep. The only problem is that the store cannot always do fast and high-quality delivery since it can be very resource-consuming, especially for small businesses.

To not disappoint your customers, you should turn to a third-party logistics service provider (3PL). This will help to optimize the delivery of goods and make it better and faster. The providers of such services are already equipped with everything necessary to satisfy your needs for quality delivery. There are several famous 3PL providers:

  • C.H. Robinson
  • XPO Logistics
  • UPS Supply Chain Solutions
  • DHL Supply Chain North America

Provide a Superior Checkout Process

The checkout process, its convenience, and transparency are aspects that provide an excellent user experience and conversion. Checkout is one of the stages of a customer's life in which the seller must not make mistakes if he does not want to lose the customer. You must ensure the checkout process is perfect, so the client does not think about buying, since the more often the buyer thinks about it, the higher the chance that he will change his mind about buying at all.

The following principles will help you create the perfect checkout process:

  • Provide shoppers with a wide variety of payment options;
  • Build a one-click shopping process;
  • Enable customers to buy directly from the product page.

Go Global

Global e-commerce sales growth is also a result of overseas customers taking an interest in US e-commerce stores’ products. And now is a great time to open your store for global sales. Expanding your audience is always a great strategy, and foreign buyers may be looking forward to buying your products.

Wrapping Up

2021 promises to be successful and productive for businesses that follow trends and adapt their stores to them in time. We have listed the most important strategies for success for an e-commerce business in 2021. Prepare your store by following these strategies and take your business to a whole new level. And that’s all for now. If you have any Magento and e-commerce, related questions, drop us a line, and our Team of Senior Magento Developers will advise you.

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