Magento Community Welcomes a New Online Store Built On a Fresh Magento 2 CMS

Magento 2 beaumotica website

New Magento 2 Website Review

Since Magento 2 offers plenty of new features, more and more ecommerce business owners (from the USA, Germany, the UK, Australia and other counties) decide to build their online stores on this fresh CMS. Earlier, we published an article called “Worldwide Examples of Magento and Magento 2 Online Stores“, in which we described some of the ecommerce stores built on Magento and Magento 2. And today, we decided to supplement this list with one more example. It is website. 

About Beaumotica Company

Beaumotica is a leading reseller of high-quality lighting on the international tech market. It was founded in 2007 and since that time this company has worked only with top manufacturers such as: Philips and Iittala. On their webshop you can find: indoor, outdoor, led and wireless lighting that can be used for both personal and commercial interior. Thanks to the high-resolution images and videos, customers are able to see how beautiful and useful are selling products.

magento 2 beaumotica philips products

Why Magento 2?

Till this year, Beaumotica had only the Netherlands-based site. They wanted to enter a new market and attract customers from other countries. To achieve this goal and make the information about their products more accessible, they decided to create English-language website. And of course, their choice fell on recently launched Magento 2.0. 

“When Beaumotica decided to expand internationally and add an site, Magento 2.0 was the best choice for us. The platform was built for scalability and performance and would prepare us for international growth,” said Henry Van Der Borg, Managing Director, Beaumotica.

Thanks to the new theming and layout framework, Beaumotica is able to manage content in several languages for their sites (Dutch and English). The first decision was to use a separate product-category management system, but then the team changed their mind and decided to use the out-of-box capabilities of Magento 2.0. to maintain multiple sites.

Magento 2 Admin Panel

Magento 2.0 offers an improved Admin that has a modern widescreen design. It allows Beaumotica to manage everyday tasks more efficiently. After Admin and backend enhancement, it became more convenient to import/export products, add attributes, and create custom catalog views. For instance, Beaumotica decided to filter products without descriptions to help copywriters to see content gaps. Such opportunities have made the website managing simpler, especially now, when they have come to a decision to provide the content on several languages.

Other Improvements

The team of developers, who was working with this website, decided to use the native checkout process in Magento 2.0, as it would allow them to streamline checkout for their customers. It is very important issue, because usually customers do not like checkouts with lots of fields to fill. To make the website look modern and be up-to-date,  they used the new responsive design themes. They built an entirely responsive website that works seamlessly across devices with any screen resolutions.

Being built on Magento 2, their website has separate databases to manage orders, products and checkout. It allows the website to scale independently to meet different load requirements. The website performance was significantly improved with the pre-integrated Varnish caching. As a result, it is expected to speed up page loading time and conversions and consequently, will better business results.

Conclusion on Beaumotica Webshop

Beaumotica is a representative of an ecommerce business. They needed a website that could reflect their individual company concept. They wanted to build their website on the platform that would meet their performance and security requirements. And Magento 2.0 became the best solution for them. It helped Beaumotica to make a great step forward in entering the international market. And new functionality planned for this fresh CMS will bring even more success to this webshop. If you also want to create Magento store and need professional help, contact our Magento development team! Read more articles about Magento 2 on our blog:

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