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From December 1, 2016, till January 31, 2017, Magento U offers free access to four courses on migration to Magento 2 to everyone interested in the subject. The courses are likely to appeal not only to those who still can not make up their mind towards Magento 2, but also to developers, who are eager to be sure that they are perfectly trained to support their customers' needs in comfortable migration.

Free Access to Magento 2 On-Demand Courses

We would like to present and describe these courses. Note that all of them are based on Magento Community Edition v2.1.0

Fundamentals of Magento 2 Development

The currently free course Fundamentals of Magento 2 Development is the first step for developers on the path to mastering Magento 2 Development. During approximately forty hours, students discover the main points of the Magento 2 architecture along with methods of modifying Magento according to customers' preferences, become skilled at performing tasks with Magento modules and learn ways of upgrading websites.

Only after having studied all the information given in six units, students will get the chance to continue their learning process, that is, they will become eligible to register for Classroom Add-On to Fundamentals of Magento 2 Development, and then, for Knowledge Assessment: Recognized Magento 2 Fundamentals Developer. So, do not miss such an amazing opportunity to improve the skills free of charge; just register for the course Fundamentals of Magento 2 Development

Core Principles for Magento 2 Development

The other chargeless course is Core Principles for Magento 2 Development. It was created for specialists who have already mastered CSS, CSS 3, HTML, HTML 5. XML and essential elements of PHP. During this training, learners get familiarized with Magento 2 platform and with the main points of the templating system. They discover the way of work and every element of the themes. These pieces of information are covered in three units.

Having spent nine hours on acquiring the material, you are going to become confident of modifying the Web page when it comes to the theme. Do not hesitate and register for the temporarily free course Core Principles for Magento 2 Development to boost the quality of your work.

Free Magento 2 courses

Managing Your Magento Store

The course Managing Your Magento Store focuses on presenting the core material needed to establish and administer a Magento 2 store

Going through eight units, learners obtain knowledge in organizing and supervising the Catalogue, maintaining accounts of the clients and their groups, as well as arranging and handling tax rules, payment, and transportation process. In addition to that, they also learn how to keep e-mail and reports; form and take care of orders, invoices, shipment and credit memos; furthermore, they discover how to employ Magento's marketing components to work out advertising campaigns and vouchers. 

The course was created primarily for Magento store owners, eCommerce executives, retailers, product and marketing managers, that is the reason we suggest them to register for Managing Your Magento Store, which is free for the time being. 

Responsive Web Design (RWD) in Magento 2 

The last course in the charge-free list is Responsive Web Design in Magento 2. This one introduces front-end developers to responsive design of Web pages as well as its implementation into the built-in themes

In particular, students become acquainted with the main concepts and resources of RWD (the latter can come in handy for novices). They learn how to modify the given themes and, grounding on the standard themes, how to design a new one that will meet customers' desires. Having spent only two hours, learners become capable of singling out files needed designing, editing, or modifying in order to set up a responsive Web page.

In case you feel interested in gaining such skills, do not put it off and register for the presently free course Responsive Web Design in Magento 2.

To conclude, we strongly recommend you to take the advantage of this chargeless training to improve your knowledge of Magento 2 capabilities and, at the same time, to save up to $1,489. Do not forget that you can enjoy such an opportunity only until January 31, 2017. Hurry up and visit MagentoU, where you just have to register in order to begin the improvement of your skills in the subject.

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