Reviewing Magento vs PrestaShop

prestashop vs magento ecommerce

Here is the comparison of Magento and PrestaShop

  • Installation:

Magento comparing with Prestashop is little bit easier to install but no to much.

  • Coding Framework:

For PrestaShop it is Adopted Smarty Template engine based on PHP.

And for Magento it is Adopted the Zend framework of PHP and has all the capabilities of MVC architecture.

  • Number Of Features:

Magento is thought to has twice as more out-of-box features as Prestashop

  • Compatibility:

Magento doesn’t have the compatibility issues that PrestaShop does

  • Customization:

Prestashop is twice easier to customize.

  • Technical Support:

Magento comes with a technical support team and a large community of developers, while PrestaShop only provides a forum for support

  • Search Section:

In Prestashop there is fractionally better search section.

  • Themes Availability:

The themes on Magento platform are more variable, it provides more themes for the user than PrestaShop. But Magento can be slightly complicated and sometimes may require expert assistance to handle the UI issues.

  • SEO Options:

SEO options are much better on Magento. It has SEO features not found in any other eCommerce solution

  • Smart platforms and Smarty templates:

Both platforms are using Smarty frameworks that are written on the PHP. They generate the content like the special tags, which are processed and replaced with other code then.

  • Cost:

PrestaShop is an Open Source platform that can be downloaded easily from the internet. Most of its modules are readily available on the internet free of charge, and can be acquired through the PrestaShop community. PrestaShop also has paid modules available in the PrestaShop store.

Magento comes in two versions, a free Open Source and an Enterprise version. The free version includes all the necessary features to successfully setup and run a business. Merchants should only choose the Enterprise version if they need access to advanced level tracking and control features. The Enterprise version provides SOLR implementation and support.

What Do You Get With Magento?

Magento provides a lot of features and it’s an open-source eCommerce solution with plenty of flexibility. There is always possible to change the main look and the functionality. The setting of Magento is quite clear and easy to use for search engine optimization, it could be also being use as management tool.

It was founded in 2001 and recent partnership with eBay makes the system even more powerful and adds more developers to the community.

Magento gives users every kinds of modules, features and extensions. It’s suited for professional online stores and works great for anybody trying to run a fully online or partially online business.

What Do You Get With Prestashop?

Another open-source eCommerce solution with plenty of features is PrestaShop. The basic set up is free, nevertheless templates, themes and modules will be needed to get the most out of this system. It was launched in 2007 and targets small to medium business looking to gain an online presence.

For PrestaShop 40 languages are available, but it is supported fully on English and French only. Also there is no an official support team. To use this program only PHP 5.2, MySQL 5 and a Linux, UNIX or Windows operation system are needed.

The Overall Picture

After comparing of some of the major features of Magento and PrestaShop, there is the main conclusion that they maintain different types of online stores. 
Magento platform targets the medium and large business, while PrestaShop is oriented for the small to medium sized stores

Installation of the Prestashop platform needs good technical knowledge, but for Magento installation web design knowledge also is needed.

Customizing of shopping cart is easier with PrestaShop, but you don’t get the same control as you do with Magento

A larger company with a team of experts will find it easier to use Magento for all their shopping cart needs. However, smaller businesses or those without the ability to hire someone to handle it for them will find PrestaShop a more affordable option.


Making the decision between PrestaShop vs Magento is not easy. They are both great eCommerce solutions.

PrestaShop will perfectly fit for smaller businesses or those not looking to grow quickly. It will be user-friendly option, that does not need too much time to set everything up.

Large businesses or those who planning to grow quickly will find the features of Magento a better fit than PrestaShop. Magento is perfect for those who looking for full control over the customization and enhancement of their online store.

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