Magento 2.3.4. What’s new?

Magento 2.3.4

The update was released on January 13 and includes a huge number of functional fixes and various security improvements, and also includes countless fixes and improvements made through a dedicated community, and these changes range from small fixes to major functional updates. All this was included in the official patch note, which has become the basis for discussion of many site owners on Magento. And then we will briefly tell you about all the changes.

Security upgrade

The new version contains more than three dozen repairs and upgrades in the scheme that help in remote code work, as well as eliminate cross-site scripting flaws. Also, holes were fixed that crackers and hackers could use to gain an approach to user data. Magento also advises to adhere to a strict security policy and use all possible methods of protection against hackers, such as two-factor authentication combined with a long and complex password. It will also not be superfluous to use a VPN. Also, you could use a whitelist of IP addresses. In addition, whitelisted variables can now be added to patterns by updating the functions of the content template. In addition, each security error will now be assigned its own vulnerability index, which is briefly called CVE. Thanks to this, clients can now quickly and easily spot various vulnerabilities and security holes.

Major platform rework

This improvement is aimed at improving the situation with the message queue function. Now work with Maria DB 10.2 is available. Do not forget about minor improvements in page caching and session storage. All of these changes also increase site security. It is also worth noting that with this update, the integration of the is outdated and you have to use the available payment method on Marketplace.

Performance increased

Thanks to the improvement of the banner caching logic and the refactoring of the customer section invalidation, excessive uncached server requests were eliminated. Also, to improve performance, the function of disabling statistics collection for reporting has been introduced and can be switched at any moment.

Infrastructure improvements

More than two hundred corrections have been implemented in the core. The result of these changes was an improvement in platform convenience and various modules, such as sales, import, CMS, Paypal and Elasticsearch modules.

Merchant tools changes

With this update, users will now be able to append high-quality media resources for their sites and you no longer have to leave the Magento admin and all these thanks to the bound with Adobe Stock image. Also, developers have introduced the opportunity to view images even before they are added, as well as license them and insert them into the content of your site using Magento Media Gallery.

Magento 2.3.4

Inventory Improvements

Various performance problems were fixed that could lead to quite strong loads on the database server in cases when the shopping cart is involved. The amount of memory used was also reduced thanks to an updated command Inventory Reservations CLI.


Version 2.3.4 improves the work with the shopping cart and multi-level navigation. For example, you can now merge guest baskets with customer baskets. Also, a function was added that enables the client to start shopping on one device and finish on another. Improved multi-level navigation now allows search for categories using ID, name or URL keys.


The basis of this improvement is live chat, which will allow you to multiply your income, and thanks to this, customers will come back to your shop again and again. Now clients can have a chat function at their disposal and they do not have to have a full dotdigital Engagement Cloud license with them. An absolutely new chat widget has also been added, thanks to which customers can communicate with each other while they make purchases in your store.

Third-party extensions enhancements

Through this update, various extensions developed by third-party developers were added, which include various module redesigns, improvements, and fixes, as well as UX improvements.

Pretty huge list, isn't it? All these thanks to the hard work of hundreds of specialists and close work with the beloved Magento community. We appreciate your dedication and it is you who are helping to make the world of online commerce better, and each new update and improvement makes the work more productive, convenient and delivers even more pleasure. So quickly join us and try out all the new features of the updated version of Magento yourself. Feel free to write to us and our Team of Senior Magento 2 Developers!

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