How to Install Extensions from Magento Connect

install magento connect integration

Magento Connect is a resource where Magento community members and partners can share their open source or commercial extensions for Magento with other members.

Usual offerings include:

  • Themes
  • Add-ons
  • Development modules
  • Design interfaces
  • Language packs  

Community Extensions vs. Commercial Extensions

Commercial Extensions: accessible  for acquiring by Magento community partners or members. This type of extensions may be sold,  supplied and licensed by seller.

Community Extensions: open source results of passion by devoted Magento Community members or partners.

How to Install Free Magento Connect Extensions

Freebie extensions are uploaded to Magento and available for straight download from Magento Connect.

There are the steps how to install a Magento Connect Extension through Magento Connect Manager:

1.  Navigate to the “Extension Profile“

2. Select the “Platform”

3. Click the “Install Now” button

installing magento connect order

4. Select Your Magento Connect Channel

install magento connect importing

Magento Connect Channel 1.0 Magento Connect Channel 2.0
Community Edition 1.4.x and older

      Community Edition beta only

      Community Edition 1.5 + 

      Enterprise Edition +

NOTE: Downloading the wrong extension key on Magento will result in an error. Developers have the ability to choose which versions of Magento they support. Supported versions are mentioned on the extension profile page.

5. Check the box to clarify to the extension license agreement.

6. After the choosing the channel and agree to the licensing agreement, click “Get Extension Key”.

7. When the extension key is permitted. Click “Select Key” to copy the key.

8. Log into your “Magento Store Admin Panel”

9. Navigate to “System” > “Magento Connect” > “Magento Connect Manager”

10. Paste the extension key in Step 2 field and click Install. Magento Connect Manager verifies the extension key and gives you options to “Cancel Installation” or “Proceed”.

magento connect manager settings

11. Click “Proceed”. The “Console Box” displays the results of the installation. If there are any issues, it will be displayed in this box.

install magento connect auto scroll console contents

12. Click “Refresh” to see this extension added to your “Extensions List”.

Ordinary Installation Mistakes

The most errors happen because of using the incorrect extension key, or a disparity that is detected by Magento Connect Manager.

Also the version should be suitable for Magento Connect Manager settings.

For instance: If the stability is set to “Stable”, but the package has a “Beta version” – the Magento Connect Manager settings must be changed in order to install a “Beta extension”.

Change Stability Settings on Magento Connect Manager

To change this setting:

1. Select “System” -> “Configuration” -> from your store’s admin panel

2. Log into “Magento Connect”

3. Click the “Settings” tab

4. Use the pull-down menu to select your preferred state (stable, alpha, beta)

5. Click “Save”

install magento connect manager extentions

Managing Existing Extensions

For managing the previous installed extensions using the same Magento Connect Manager interface. To reinstall, uninstall or upgrade extensions for which a new release has been issued.

The steps to uninstall an extension:

1. In “Magento Connect Manager” find the extension under the “Manage Existing Connections” section

2. Under the “Actions” column to select “Uninstall” use the drop down options under the “Actions column” to select “Uninstall”

3. Click on the “Commit Changes” button

4. “Refresh”

install magento connect channel

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