How to Understand That Your eCommerce Site Needs Improving?

How to understand that your eCommerce site needs improving?

To successfully sell products and services you must win your customer’s trust. Therefore, if you own an eCommerce business, your e-store must assure visitors that it is a safe place to buy from. The moment your customers stopped feeling good at your e-store is the moment when you have to become worried. Take a close look at your site; and if you find the pieces of evidence described below, it will mean that your site needs to be improved.

Slow Performance

Slow performance

According to the result of the Google experiment with the search page loading time, even the increasing of the page loading time for under half a second leads to decreasing in the number of searches. Furthermore, it took some time to return visitors after changing the speed back to normal. By the way, normal average speed for modern users is two seconds; about 40 percent of shoppers will abandon your site if it takes more than three seconds to load.

Evidence #1, your eCommerce site needs improving if it is slow.

Hard to Navigate

Hard to navigate

Your eCommerce site must be all about finding that very product that a customer wants — even if they don’t know what they want yet. Offer them a search tool, product categories, different types of navigation; basically, make their way to the product as easy as possible.

Evidence #2, if the way to the desired product reminds you of a way through the jungles, your eCommerce site needs to be improved.

Complicated Managing System

In case you encounter problems while integrating with a third-party extension, updating product information, or merely adding a blog post — something is wrong. You need to be able to perform rapid changes on your site in order to enhance your eCommerce business.

Evidence #3, if you need a developer to maintain the content or you aren’t able to add on your own a third-party extension via API, your eCommerce site needs improving.


Obsolete Code Base

In this day and age, brand-new APIs, state-of-the-art frameworks, and advanced libraries appear on a daily basis; this situation makes it almost impossible not to be lagged behind. Sadly, it means that you miss cutting-edge features and performance; but the more important thing is that your obsolete code is exposed to attacks. A recent investigation conducted by a team of researchers at the Northeastern University showed that about 37% of websites use at least one JavaScript library with a known vulnerability. You should keep your site regularly and properly maintained so that it won’t become weak to attacks.

Evidence #4, if your code base is obsolete, your eCommerce website needs to be improved.

Not Mobile Friendly

Responsive design is a must for a modern business. First of all, the mobile unfriendliness of your site is a sign for the visitors that you simply don’t care for them; so they leave your site and, in the majority of cases, never come back. On the flip side, eCommerce companies that cared enough of their customers have noticed the increase in sales.

Secondly, Google is currently shifting to mobile-first indexing, that is, new Google’s algorithm will take into consideration your mobile content while deciding on the site ranking.

Evidence #5, if your eCommerce site isn’t mobile friendly, it needs to be improved.

Mobile-friendly eCommerce site

Inaccessible to Customers with Disabilities

According to statistics, 15% of the Earth’s population experience a form of disability; in case your site isn’t accessible to them, you don’t give them the opportunity to buy from your e-store and you lose your money. Moreover, if you don’t provide a website accessible to people with disabilities, you might be sued.

Evidence #6, your eCommerce website needs improving in case it isn’t accessible to visitors with disabilities.

Your eCommerce Business Has Grown

You've started making $1 million conversions a year? Our congratulations: you are not longer a small business but a mid-sized one! That means you need a completely different combination of software tools that will simplify your work and leave you more time for getting inspired and bringing your business to a new level.

Evidence #7, it may sound odd, but if your eCommerce business grows, your site needs improving.

Be a leader

In Case Your eCommerce Site Needs to Be Improved

Supposing you’ve found one of these pieces of evidence on your eCommerce site. What should you do next? Contact us! Our experienced team of dedicated Magento developers will do their best so that your business continues to grow and prosper!

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