Magento Imagine 2017 Summary

Magento Imagine 2017 Summary

Sharing eCommerce ideas and providing educative sessions are the main goals of Magento Imagine Conference. This year, the conference has brought together more than 2,500 merchants, partners, and developers from 45 countries. What did they do? What was the conference like? What are the most incredible events of Magento Imagine 2017? These questions we are going to answer.

What was Magento Imagine 2017 Like?

Magento Imagine Conference annually is held in Las Vegas — the city where all the fun is located. Therefore, lots of participants prefer coming to the conference a couple of days earlier to enjoy the activities behind the walls of the hotel. Moreover, the day before the conference, this year on April 2, Pre-Imagine activities took place.

PreImagine 2017

Pre-Imagine is the opportunity for old Magento community members to reconnect, for newbies — to meet other members in real life. PreImagine offers several activities: 

  • Magento Imagine Race presented by Wagento— the sixth pre-conference run that begins early in the morning. Last year, the race was called BIG DAM RUN as it took place near the Hoover Dam. This year, it was the 2nd BIG DAM RUN, and the trail chosen for the race is, in fact, picturesque. The participants had a choice: they could run 5 or 10 km (the most popular option), walk any distance, or have a tour around the Hoover Dam. 


  • PreImagine MageHackathon and Docathon presented by AOE  is a great event for all experienced Magento developers. There, developers can enjoy food, drink, and, of course, coding. This year MageHackathon started at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 1, and ended the next day at 3:00 p.m. More than 60 developers spent this time critically thinking about improvements to the Magento ecosystem. This year the participants worked in collaboration with Magento development, community extension development, and core developer documentation. 
  • PreImagine presented by Shipper HQ — a party for each and every member of the Magento community. Here they can meet new members, reconnect with the old ones, and just hang out in the relaxed atmosphere. 

Magento Imagine 2017

Magento Imagine began this year on April 3 and lasted, as usual, three days. During this period of time, there were held lots of conversations, seminars, and workshops. The first day of the conference will be best remembered for:

  • PayPal Breakfast Panel, where merchants and system integrators talked about payment strategies for the business growth.
  • The discussion of challenges and benefits of the diversity in tech teams.
  • Commerce Conversations — small group discussions on various commerce related topics.
  • Merchant to Merchant Conversations.
  • Technical seminars covered by Magento Architects.
  • Live Podcasts — Magento veterans talking about the future of eCommerce.

Magento Podcast Future eCommerce

The second day of Magento Imagine 2017 impressed the attendees with Breakout Sessions at which the speakers talked about commerce best practices, winning solutions, innovations, business strategies, and Magento technical features. Nevertheless, the greatest attraction of the day were the keynote speakers:

  • Adventurous Jamie Clarke, Magento Cofounder, discussed the importance of coming together as a team and working hard.
  • Mark Lavelle, Magento CEO, stated that the future is powered by Magento.
  • Passionate and inspiring Jessica Herrin, Stella & Dot CEO and Founder, encouraged the attendees to do something really crazy so that the can create something truly new.
  • Captivating and long-awaited Serena Williams, simply the greatest athlete ever, tried to convince everyone to focus on the future winnings rather than on past losses. 

Keynote speaker Serena Williams

On the second day of the conference, besides listening to the keynote speakers, the attendees of Magento Imagine had the opportunity to take Magento Certification exam for only a half of the regular price. And in the evening everyone could enjoy the Legendary Imagine Evening Event, at which someone did jump into the pool.

The last day of Magento Imagine 2017 was remarkable not only for Jamie Clarke having shaved his beard but also for the introducing of four fascinating solutions:

  • Magento Digital Commerce Cloud for B2B module is a free enhancement to Magento Enterprise Edition as well as for Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition. The module provides its users with such useful features as custom catalogs, quick ordering, quotes, multi-channel support, corporate account management, and a range of back-end integrations. According to Jason Woosley, Senior Vice President of Product and Technology at Magento, though they don’t treat B2B as a separate unit from B2C — the bottom line is that a customer is a customer — this set of tools serves B2B like a first-class citizen. 
  • Magento Shipping powered by Temando, Premier Technology Partner. This multi-carrier solution enables merchants to arrange for customers a first-rate cart-to-door service through streamlining the operations. 
  • Magento Social enables merchants to convert their social profiles of a business into commerce channels. With this solution at hand, merchants can seamlessly synchronize their Magento product catalog with various social networks to increase brand recognition and get more customers.
  • Magento Business Intelligence Essentials lets merchants grasp the everyday store performance through the numerous metrics. This solution includes pre-built dashboards, email summaries, SQL and visual report builders, data from Google Analytics, etc.

Furthermore, all merchants could visit a Magento U four-hour training session focused on managing Magento 2 store, namely, on products and catalogs. In the meantime, all developers had a three-hour opportunity to discuss with one another key developer topics and learn how other meet their challenges.

Usually, attendees of  Imagine have the opportunity to get inspired, discover the latest Magento strategic directions, learn from each other, collaborate with peers, and to genuinely enjoy themselves. As for Magento Imagine 2017, we can put a tick across each of the mentioned above points: inspiring keynote speakers, new solutions, various seminars and workshops, more than 2,500 attendees, and fabulous night events. 

Magento Imagine 2017

Keeping track of Magento Imagine Conferences, we can surely state that Magento Imagine 2018 will be even more inspiring, educative, and enjoyable! Don’t miss the chance to buy early-bird tickets for April 23-25!

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