Magento Extensions for Your St. Valentine's Day Campaign

St. Valentine's Day campaign with Magento extensions

Only on Christmas and Thanksgiving Day, the Americans spend more money than on St. Valentine's Day. According to last year statistics, the average American spends about 100 dollars on this day. The British usually get presents for 45 pounds from their significant others. At the same time, the Germans do not really enjoy this holiday, nevertheless, the ones who celebrate it spend approximately 40 euro each. Note that this amount of money people spend on gifts for their spouses or boyfriends and girlfriends, bur there are other types of beloved ones, such as friends, family members, co-workers, and pets (on gifts for the latter ones the Americans spent about 700 million dollars last year). That is the reason why we recommend the retailers to take some actions, instead of loitering the whole January away.

Steal Your Customers' Hearts

On St. Valentine's Day people spend billions of dollars on presents for those they love; therefore, do not break the hearts of their clients by ignoring the holiday. Having read our article "How to Get Your Magento Store Ready for Christmas Holidays 2016?", you remember about planning selling campaign in advance, sending emails, and writing on your blog; moreover, your store is already mobile friendly. In this article, we want to give you several special pieces of advice as for getting prepared to this special trading as well as to get you acquainted with some Magento extensions that will help to increase the profit.

Charming Appearance of Your Store

Surely, you want to get customers in the romantic mood so that they start thinking about people they care for and begin buying gifts for them. Consequently, you have to add this flair of tenderness to your e-store appearance. To simplify the task, you can use the following extensions:

  • Festive Season Extension is easy to manage. It enables the use of standard or custom images for footer, header, and background. Compatible with CE 1.4 — 1.9The example of Festive Season extension
  • Seasonal Decorations makes it possible to add to the site moving Cupid, hearts-falling effect, to use heartbeat or pulse effect for header and tulips for footer. Compatible with CE 1.5 — 1.8.1The example of Seasonal Decorations

Lovely Strategies for the Most Romantic Campaign of the Year

The most popular presents for St. Valentine's Day are greeting cards, candies, and flowers. But it is not the reason to get upset if you do not sell such things since customers tend to become more creative and to look for something unusual. Therefore, it is up to you to show your goods as the best and the most extraordinary gifts for this holiday. For example, you can add the romantic flair to the description of the goods, create cute pairs of products, or put heart-shaped labels on their images in order to attract attention. 

Let's be honest, the target customers are men, who, according to statistics, spend more money on presents fo St. Valentine's Day. However, men do not like shopping: they hate to waste their time browsing around, looking for something unspecified. Your goal is to change their attitude towards buying and make them fall in love with your store. To approach it, you have to make your products as easy to find as possible: design new categories "St. Valentine's Day presents", "For her", "For him", and highlight the most popular choices. Moreover, men will be definitely thankful if you give them the opportunity to buy pre-made gift baskets.

Man with a bunch of roses

Nevertheless, do not forget about women, who love shopping, sales, and care. You can create special deals or discounts (women usually buy more if they see reduced prices) or show them your love and offer a giveaway together with chosen items. One more piece of advice is to send a coupon for the next purchase. Women appreciate such things and become loyal clients.

On Magento Connect and Magento Marketplace you can find extensions that will help you to handle the mentioned tasks:

  • Product Labels Extension adds attractive standard or custom labels together with text to the images of your products. According to applied rules, you can add labels on a product page, a category, or a whole store within three minutes. Compatible with CE — 1.9.2; 2.1 EE 1.12 — 1.14.2
  • Special Promotions provides you with ten (or twenty-two for Magento 2) discount actions; Special Promotions Pro does it as well, but this extension also uses your customers' information in order to create special offers. With one of those Magento extensions at hands, you will manage to create several price rules for numerous situations, limit access to special offers, or present shoppers with gifts. Compatible with CE 1.4 — 1.9.2; 2.1
  • Customers Who Purchased extension displays goods in Up-sells, Cross-sells or Related Products block basing on purchases that have been already done by other real shoppers in the store. In addition to that, you can add some items to the blocks manually. Compatible with CE 1.3 — 1.9.2 EE —
  • Email - Follow Up Email allows you not only to offer an after-purchase discount but also to call attention to an abandoned cart, do cross-sell based on the earlier sales, congratulate on holidays, etc. Generally, this extension helps to keep excellent relationships with customers and, as the result, to win their loyalty. Compatible with CE — 1.9.3 EE —

Nice Wrapping for Fascinating Presents

Three nicely wrapped presents

Having chosen a perfect present, your shoppers will be glad to find out that you offer wrapping, that is, make their busy lives easier. This offer will add points to your store fo sure, and the feeling of after-purchase enjoyment will drive your clients to return the next time they need to buy a present. That is the reason why this advice is valuable not only for St. Valentine's Day campaign but for other holidays too. Supply your store with different kinds of fancy boxes as well as wrapping paper and, of course, find one of these Magento extensions:

  • Gift Wrapper provides the option not only to wrap gifts according to customer's choice but also to add a message. Compatible with CE 1.5 — 1.9.2
  • Gift Wrap allows to wrap products individually or together and leave a message. This extension also gives the opportunity to add a gift wrapper label on the product page or exclude some items for wrapping according to created conditions. Compatible with CE 1.3 — 1.9.2; 2.0 EE — 1.14.2; 2.0
  • Extra Fee / Gift Wrap extension makes it possible for you to arrange such optional services as gift wrap, rush order, etc. for which you can charge extra money. Compatible with CE — EE —

Gift Cards Can Save the Day

Cute drawing of a heart on a piece of paper

A gift card is a perfect choice for those who are afraid to make a wrong decision as well as for those who wait until the very last minute to start searching for a present. Some may find them impersonal, however, gift cards bring annually a lot of money and come fifth among top five presents for St. Valentine's Day. Keeping this in mind, prepare your gift cards, which could be sent via both delivery service and e-mail. The following Magento extension can come in handy for resolving the task:

  • Gift Card for Magento makes it possible for customers to use default card images as well as upload their own photos and write a gift message. The generated card can be sent via email or post on a specific date. Gift Card by Magestore is the most popular extension on Magento connect among similar ones. Compatible with CE 1.4 — 1.9.3; 2.0 EE 1.9 — 1.14.3; 2.0

We hope your customers will notice how much you care for them, therefore, become head over heels in love with your store and present you with their loyalty. In case you need any help, our Magento Development team will be more than happy to help you!

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