Khaos Control Magento Module (Overview)

Khaos Control Magento module by Flint Technology

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is a must-have tool for your retailing business. With its help, you’ll be able to integrate the finances, sales order processing, marketing, stock control and purchasing in a single central system. In the article, we’ll talk about Khaos Control ERP solution and about Khaos Control Magento module that brings integration risks and the required time down to a minimum.

How Will Your Business Benefit from Integrating with Khaos Control?

Khaos Control is a business management software that enables you to hold the keys of customer relations, warehouse, orders, stocks, accounting, etc. using a sole solution. 

In essence, Khaos Control stitches together all aspects of your business:

  • Khaos Control integrates the in-stock balance of items, customer information, and order management data into one single place.
  • Inventory Management software keeps account of items in stock and recommends reordering at the most cost-effective point of time. 
  • It also can provide your employees with the correct information they need at the precise moment they need it.
  • Khaos Control lets you enjoy the advantage of drop-shipping. Drop-shipping is a relatively new retail fulfillment method with nice chances for glittering future in logistics. It is a nice way out for small and medium-sized businesses that can’t afford their own warehouses. 
  • Multi-Channel Retailing gives the possibility to keep an eye on all your selling channels (Amazon, Ebay, your website) in combination as well as separately using a single software solution. 
  • With the help of Mobile Order Management, you can check the main figures of the business on your smartphone.  
  • Customer Order Management software streamlines the customer managing process. It stores all available data on each and every customer beginning with the contract and ending with a video. Having this information at hand, you are able to make special, unique, personalized offers.
  • Khaos Control allows you to deliver an excellent omnichannel experience to the visitors of your Magento store.
  • Order Processing software provides you as well as the customers with up-to-date information about the shipping process: it informs about the pick, pack, dispatch, and all possible delays. 
  • Supplier Management software accumulates the information about your suppliers from the estimated delivery date to the percent of products returned. Taking into account this valuable information, you’ll be able to compare your suppliers and choose the most suitable one(s) for your business. 
  • Khaos Control lets your customers enjoy the secure integrated payment system

In a nutshell, Khaos Control is a software that frees you labor from mundane work and leaves them only with the tasks which require human brains: managing the process or expanding the business. This single benefit leads to fewer employees, fewer mistakes in figures, cost cuttings, the ability to grow the business faster using the saved funds.

According to the testimonials of Khaos Control users, which you can find on the site, everyone states that their businesses benefited from using this ERP software. Business owners felt that they can take a far greater control of their business processes and, therefore, optimize them. As the result, they became able to grow their company in a more efficient way.

Pay attention to Khaos Control Magento module

In case you can’t wait to try this well thought-out software, we want to draw your attention to a nice Magento module that will save the time needed for integrating Khaos Control with your Magento store and make the integration process easy and risk-free.

Khaos Control Magento Module by Flint Technology

Khaos Control Magento module was designed to streamline the process of integrating the Khaos Control platform with your Magento store. With the help of this extension, you’ll be able to integrate your Magento site, call center, and warehouse in a flash. Flint Technology took care of the integration process for you to be able to deliver a first-class experience to your customers without any development or delay.

The possibility to reduce the time required for integration Khaos Control platform with the Magento store is one of the most valuable advantages of the given Magento module. If time doesn’t mean a tremendous lot to you, then note one more advantage of this extension: a risk-free integration. Having Khaos Control Magento module at hand, you won’t worry about possible integration risks, such as loss of important information or common Magento integration performance-related issues.

This module is furnished with advanced integration tools, such as test mode, investigation of the platform interactions, extensive reports with performance metrics, and other things that will optimize the system tuning. 

Khaos Control Magento module lets you join your business processes in your Magento store with Khaos Control simply via configuration. Moreover, the module is capable of performing many tasks automatically, for example, to send email reports with the description of a new issue; and to guarantee that the customer sees the correct inventory data.

The module by Flint Technology offers:

  • Product Management 
  • Price Management 
  • Stock Management
  • Order Management

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Our Certified Magento Developers can help you integrate Khaos Control with your Magento store. 

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