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How to Create Configurable Product in Magento 2 Step-by-Step Guide

Dec 23, 2021 0
Magento configurable product

Magento 2 is a multifunctional solution for creating an e-commerce store and is suitable for both small and large businesses. Large enterprises will appreciate the platform’s features as they are given special attention in Magento. Large stores have always had a headache with product management, and since there are so many of them, it becomes […]

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Magento Theme Integration: How to Install Theme in Magento 2

Dec 07, 2021 0

Website design for e-commerce is an essential part of customer acquisition and should not be neglected. Design refers not only to its appearance but also to the experience it provides. According to research, 88% of Internet users said they most likely will not return to a website that provides a bad user experience. As a […]

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Which eCommerce Platform Is the Best for Small Business?

Nov 17, 2021 0

The e-commerce industry is currently experiencing an unprecedented boost in popularity, and, according to analysts, total industry sales will reach a record $6.3 trillion. This is the result of a general increase in popularity and customer influx and the emergence of an increasing number of online stores. Every entrepreneur who wants to enter this market […]

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5 Best Magento Social Media Extensions

Oct 20, 2021 0

Today social networks occupy a huge part of our life, and it is difficult to find a person who will not have a Facebook or Twitter account. And this is not surprising because social networks are not only a convenient way of communication but also a limitless source of content, news, and so on. Thanks […]

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How to Create Custom Payment Method in Magento 2

Sep 22, 2021 0

Ecommerce and various payment methods are two inseparable things because the online sales industry itself cannot do without this tool for interacting with customers. This is not surprising since 36% of the population uses e-wallets, while the rest use various debit or credit cards to shop online. If you are reading these lines, then you […]

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Top 10 eCommerce Platforms Like Shopify

Sep 08, 2021 0

The eCommerce industry is full of different platforms that help entrepreneurs establish and maintain their businesses. One of the most well-known CMS today is Shopify, as it owns over 23% of the market share. This is not surprising, as this platform has incredible overall simplicity, a wide selection of different themes, and unrivaled 24/7 support. […]

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What Is the Best Platform to Build an eCommerce Website

Aug 18, 2021 0

Every entrepreneur is faced with a situation of choosing a platform to build your future online store. This process is associated with a long search, comparisons of all possible solutions, and weighing nuances. In addition, today, there are more than 800 different LMS systems registered on the market, and it’s hard to understand what is […]

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Magento vs WooCommerce: Difference Between WooCommerce and Magento

Aug 05, 2021 0
Magento vs Woocommerce

Every entrepreneur is faced with the challenge of choosing a platform for their business. Whether it’s starting a business journey or moving from one solution to another. This process is always associated with difficulties and pitfalls that every businessman should be aware of. You should know a lot about the solutions you choose from: their […]

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How to Make Magento Website Faster: Magento 2 Speed Up Tips

Jul 20, 2021 0

E-commerce is all about quality and speed of service. If you want your customers to be satisfied and return to you for shopping, your website should work perfectly because even one extra second of loading the site increases customer satisfaction by 16% and reduces conversion by 7%. Such losses are simply unacceptable if you want […]

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Magento vs Shopify: Comparison Between Shopify and Magento

Jul 14, 2021 0

The e-commerce platform market is overflowing with various solutions that allow entrepreneurs to open their online stores. It’s easy to get lost if you do not thoroughly know the differences between platforms from each other and their killer features. In this article, we’ll look at two competitors between whom there is a constant debate about […]

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