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eCommerce Solutions
for your Business Growth

Creating the most advanced Magento projects in the field.
We develop Magento stores, migration to Magento 2 and provide Magento support.

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Dedicated Magento staff
with top level expertise

Engage our solid Magento specialists to boost your eCommerce business
We are a Magento web development company full of over-the-top industry professionals.

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Magento 2 Migration with
SaM Ecommerce Team

We use proven for years process of jump to new Magento 2,
which makes stores even more handy, functional, and profitable

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eCommerce Website Development Services

SaM eCommerce team is a website development company and a part of German business SaM Solutions GmbH Co.KG. We specialize in IT development services. Our certified team of eCommerce website developers has over a decade of practice and more than 500 completed projects that are the best representatives on the sales market. No matter if you are switching from another platform, already improving an existing site, or you are new to custom website creation, every businessman can be sure we’ll bring an over-the-top solution.

SaM uses one-of-a-kind platforms in the industry with an unrivaled set of tools that will take businesses to unprecedented heights. These content management systems proved its relevance and usefulness. And that’s why world-famous brands use it for many years.

Magento Development

Here you can find the best specialists. They utilize only the best product building methods and embody any clients' concepts to life with great ease and passion.

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Shopify Development

Here at SaM Shopify online store developers conduct a Shopify development, support and set up. The customer's success is our concern, so communication is a key.

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WordPress Development

Sam’s specialists are true masters in developing WordPress plugins to gratify customer desires.

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BigCommerce Development

All of our web developers are veterans in developing stores with a whole diversity of systems, such as CRMs, ERPs which expand spheres of influence and reveal new routes to prosperity.

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Front-end Development

Our Magento website development services grants websites with a one-of-a-kind, beauteous and, flexible facade that delights buyers on all devices.

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Custom PHP Development

Our firm integrates various up-to-date PHP technologies that level-up store power to unseen altitudes and grant a huge boost in business.

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Mobile Development

We provide development for most popular mobile platforms with the highest conversion indexes and profitability. We carry out all kinds of operations with iOS and Android.

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Non-Technical team

Our team helps in solving any problems in the blink of an eye and advises in any questions. There are no unsolvable problems for us. Your online store in good hands.

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Expand feasibilities using Magento 2

We are an eCommerce website development agency and our main aim to deliver the highest tier services. Our website development delivers a sleek switch to any platform and websites established from the ground up to meet any customer's needs.

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Why choose Sam?

Holistic Development Process

  • Deep Discovery Phase
  • Structure Elaboration
  • Custom Solutions
  • Website Creation

Reliably Support

  • Dependable Support Team
  • Fast Issues Processing
  • Constant and Detailed Reports
  • Support Plans Scheduling

Vision is the Basis

This is a crucial thing that contributes to the creation of flawless projects that move businesses forward. The correct vision of the project leads in the right direction and provides valuable opportunities for improving the existing products.

Ensuring Security and Reliability

  • Design Verification
  • Security Check
  • SEO Analysis and Optimization
  • Core Examination

Over-The-Top Performance

  • Hosting Verification
  • Loading Speed Optimization
  • Multistep Quality Assurance
  • UX Tests

Certified and trusted

More than 10 years
of experience

500+ projects delivered

95% of client satisfaction

50 developers in house

Reasonable price

Tell us your idea of the eCommerce day-dream project

We'll advise you on any questions.

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Our clients say:

A major strength demonstrated by the team was found in the thoughtful suggestions they offered, seemingly rooted in the vested personal interest they had, in the success of our product.

Gary Alston | 5.0

Good managers, precise and thorough. Surely we will work together again.

Franco De Rosa | 5.0

They have not only an understanding of our marketplace but also an understanding of what we're trying to achieve. They were able to give us more than one possible solution.

Michael Ousley | 4.0

We outsourced our Magento support to SaM solutions. Always helpful, accommodating, and polite. Understands eCommerce challenges and is very professional.

Paula Abasolo | 5.0

During our communication about some solutions, when we asked them to make a change, they did so quickly. We understand each other. I would recommend them because they’re a good company.

Sergey Berezenko | 4.5

Good communication with my team of SaM project managers and developers, so that we can accurately see how our business needs grow and change. It has made our vendor relationship one that I have looked forward to managing on a continued basis, as it is pragmatic, thoughtful, and cogent.

Emily Cann | 5.0

Fantastic to work with! Consummate professionals with deep knowledge of eCommerce and an excellent understanding of customers' needs. Every client we have referred to Sam Solutions has been extremely impressed.

Frank Zapata | 5.0

A strong orientation to business results. Always very helpful when discussing (even late) requirements and has never failed to fulfill promises.

Jaroslav Pán | 5.0

The exceptional work done by the team at SaM. I gladly recommend to colleagues across the board as a third-party service provider.

Jonathan Hiltser | 5.0

Easy to work with and always responds fast and accurately. The provided services have been most useful. And I would not mind working with them again.

Fredrik Säfsten | 5.0

Always strives to improve the working relationship with clients. Understands a project technically and its timely needs.

Thomas Sempf | 5.0

Highly responsive, technically savvy, and imminently reasonable when nuanced or subtle business questions have arisen during production work.

Chris Amato | 5.0