Profile is an eCommerce company that offers online printing services to help advertise your product and expand your business. On their Magento website you can find huge product selection that can surely satisfy your needs. They suggest the best products’ quality at the most reasonable prices. The website is full of the numerous colorful free samples, which help customer to get acquainted with their service. The great customer support and secure shopping provided by this company will help you to make the right choice.



The client set a goal to make the website more catching and efficient. There was a need in the robust and stable architecture. To carry out such kind of task SaM Ecommerce had to divide heavy content to categories and product detail pages. And in order to bring project to a new level we also had to make a full customization.



  • Switching off some of the default Magento features to make the platform as light as possible
  • Carrying out a deep Magento robust customization
  • Delivering rich content to sections and informative product description pages


We used Magento solution to make this web property highly effective. Now, it balances both a great product experience and robust online user printing community. All changes carried out by our team moved sales to the top level. Now, this online store is very popular in Germany, England, Australia and in the United States.

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