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Magento Development

Clients goal

The company's products are widely distributed and sold in more than 40 countries and help tourists to protect themselves from insects and also make hiking more convenient and safe. We were faced with the task of migrating the entire online store to a more modern Magento platform to improve the performance of the store and provide room for further business growth. We also needed to do a small visual redesign to coincide with the update and to make the store even more intuitive.

Our approach

The previous version of the online store worked on a self-written system, which became more and more difficult to maintain every year. That is why it was necessary to switch to the modern Magento 2. Its power and features fully cover the needs of the client and his business. In addition, the designers have worked on redesigning the store interface, making it more segmented and more intuitive, and pleasing to the eye.




The redesign of this page is meant to show customers what kind of brand it is, tell its story, what its advantages are and what other brands for outdoor activities it cooperates with. We have also redesigned the part of the page that leads to the company's official blog.

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We've made this page more functional by adding new sections, streamlining them, and adding a more informative dashboard to track detailed account information. In addition, we have expanded the existing tabs by adding additional information that may be useful to buyers.

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Outdoor products require a more detailed description to satisfy buyers' questions. We have allocated a separate place on the page where the store owner can enter a detailed description of the product and also divided information related to a particular product into tabs.

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The variety of brands and products required a redesign of the shopping process so that customers do not get lost in brands and always know what they are taking. We have redesigned the shop interface, making it more intuitive and simple thanks to the introduction of additional design elements and features.

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01 Navigation Bar

When redesigning the website, we placed two navigation bars. The topmost one allows users to switch between partner brand websites, while the bar below allows users to navigate to different parts of the main website via convenient drop-down menus. We've also separated them by color and font for faster identification and navigation.

02 Carousels

On the main page, we added two carousels. One of them is designed to dedicate new customers to the history, partners, and advantages of the company. The next carousel features the brand's popular products, while the last carousel briefly introduces career opportunities within the company and press releases.

03 Product Search

Since the company works with many brands, we needed to redesign the product search process. Each brand now has its own separate part of the store, with a navigation bar (where the selection of a product line is located), filters, and listings. Depending on the brand and its assortment, some sections of the navigation bar have drop-down lists, which allow customers to find the desired product.

04 Item Comparison

There are a lot of products in the range of brands, and some products may overlap. In such cases, the product comparison function, which we have also implemented in the online store, is perfect. The feature transfers to a separate window where a table appears with details about each product, and the buyer can visually compare them. To add products to the comparison list, a Compare button appeared on each listing after clicking which product is included in this list.

How our Expertise Helped the Business

The transition of the online store to the Magento 2 platform turned out to be an extremely correct decision. The business got its hands on a modern product with constant updates and an online store with unsurpassed performance, which is extremely important for a business. In addition, adding additional features and redesigning increased the bounce rate and increased the time spent on the site. In addition, the visibility of other brands on the website has increased significantly.

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Development stages

Business discovery, Magento Development, website pages development, web engineering, testing, release

Tech stack

PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX

Magento Services



Development team

1 project manager, 1 DevOps, 1 QA engineer, 2 Magento developers,


5 months

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