Hardware.nl is one of the the biggest electronics websites with the best products. It is very popular in England, Germany, and even in the USA. It offers a great site catalogue with a wide range of computers, monitors, printing devisices, storages, software and network. It also has a good supply of telephones and other electronics, such as: CD players, radios, digital cameras. A clear structure and colorful photos make it comfortable in use. At the top you can find a very nice search engine which helps you to find necessary item. If you're looking to buy electronics online then this eCommerce site is what you need.      



After the attentive studying, we noticed that there was a large space for improvements needed to be done. The web store was created on the old custom platform. Having scrutinized the site structure and its operation we found numerous problems that caused a lot of errors and slowed down its work. SaM Ecommerce agency learned all their requirements and expectations regarding the site restructuring. We also made recommendations which are based on their business demands and the status of their existing site.

  • Creating of a new mobile strategy  to meet the expectations regarding the amount of website visitors
  • Coding makeover to meet Magento coding standards
  • Reorganizing of the menu
  • Providing a stable and fast system
  • Increasing number of SKUs to 1,5-2 millions (dynamic value), including 9 Store Views and Automatic inventory management solution


SaM Ecommerce assisted Hardware.nl to become one of the largest Electronics marketplaces in the European Union, built on Magento EE e-commerce solution. Now, Hardware is a unique web project, SaM made a migration of Products, Customers, and Order History from old custom platform to Magento Enterprise edition. If you're looking for the newest in electronic gear for your home, office, car or on-the-go, HardWare has it.

Visit site: hardware.nl