Profile is one of the biggest Magento online stores that offers a large variety of gifts. There you can find the great website catalogue with best presents for any event. is a German retailer, hovewer it is very popular not only in its home country, but also in such countries as: the UK, Frence, Spain, the USA, etc. Their website has a clear structure and all products are presented with colourful photos and informative descriptions. 



As Geschenkidee company offers very creative and interesting gifts, it has required the website with a special design. Having analyzed their Magento online store, we found that there were some problems with its front end. SaM Ecommerce task was to close all found gaps and redesign this website, make it more catchy and provide it with user-friendly interface. Our developers had to make it easy in navigation on all mobile devices. SaM Ecommerce agency studied all their requirements and expectations regarding the web design as well as  made own recommendations based on their business demands and the status of their existing site.



  • Developing the convenient interface/usability
  • Providing a responsive design – easy reading and navigation on all mobile devices
  • Creating a custom design for some categories
  • Changing the dropdown menu structure
  • Improving product pages

Results team knows how tiresome and time-consuming the process of looking for a product may be. Therefore this company together with our Magento developers and designers created a place where you can find a gift that will suite any taste and any occasion, without getting lost in the shopping centers. Working on this project we tried to simplify as much as possible the site visual elements, so that search and shopping for gifts made the events pleasant and efficient for both the receiver and presenter. 

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