Sea Island Coffee


Sea Islands are home for a lot of the world’s finest single origin coffees, such as: Jamaica Blue Mountain, Hawaiian Kona, St Helena. This eCommerce business was organized in 2007. After decades of trading green bean coffees from some of the world’s finest coffee estates through our sister company, Blue Mountain Coffee Europe Ltd, they wanted to use their sourcing and product expertise to make these coffees directly available for coffee nerds to drink at home.



Sea Islands approached SaM Ecommerce, asking for a revamp of their Magento web site. Having studied all issues, we noticed that there was a significant room for improvements of both code and design. We had to provide Sea Islands with stable and fast web site, as well as make their store more catching for customers.



  • Setting up mobile version to attract more visitors coming from their mobile devices
  • Providing mobile responsive theme
  • Designing an improved user experience to simplify the ordering process
  • Changing a code to meet Magento standards
  • Provide a stable and fast system



Our SaM Ecommerce team changed the site look and UX to make buying process easier for shoppers. All applied improvements resulted in  the secure and fast web site, which has a new identity. It works across devices of any sizes. With the launch of the revamped web site, Sea Islands’ revenue and conversational rate numbers considerably increased. Now this eCommerce company is popular in Australia, the USA, the UK and Germany.

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