Profile is no ordinary advanced online Magento shop for children's clothes. They offer collections of the latest high quality fashion models. And it comes to the parents, looking for something extraordinary for their kids.Their sales grow significantly each year. The most interesting thing is that they have gained such success mainly due to the eCommerce sales.



The main goal of the project that the client set was to provide a Magento high quality support to the web store. This work especially includes the creation of an advanced product information, usage tips, recipe ideas, and also articles writing. All these steps help to create a friendly online environment for customers to learn and shop.Taking into account that this is a client who likes to bring things to a new level, SaM Ecommerce decided to built project from the ground up and to make full customization.



  • Developing of a system to make it more comfortable in use for their customers
  • Creating of special feature that makes the process of page design change easier for administrator
  • Reorganizing of discount system to ease the rewarding process 


SaM Ecommerce developed a system which offers customized shopping, easy and comfortable site review for each customer according to their preferences. Now, everything, including size, types, brands is fully connected for customer search to meet its needs. If you want to make your child happy, visit online Magento shop, that is very popular in the USA, the UK and Germany.

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