Dishwashers Direct


Dishwasher Direct is Magento site based company, which offers a wide range of industrial dishwashers designed for running a large commercial kitchen and catering small events. This eCommerce company has a great commercial dishwashing experience. It offers competitive prices and a big variety of machines. Their service includes installation and maintenance. Thanks to SaM Ecommerce group, on their site you can easily find the dishwashing solution that is exactly right for you.



Our SaM Ecommerce team was asked to develop their site from scratch introducing unique responsive design and up-to-date functions. We had to implement a number of advanced  features such as custom drop-down menu, easy-to-use system for content management, mass price update and express checkout. Also it was important to make their Magento site SEO-friendly and implement marketing features.



  • Developing  the online shop on Magento Community
  • Providing convenient interface and high usability
  • Developing unique responsive design
  • Integrating the Product Finder tool
  • Integrating the site with the search system
  • Integrating basket module
  • Developing the blog section



SaM Ecommerce team performed a great work on this Magento project. Our developers built the site on the most powerful platform, developed unique and responsive design, provided a number of features, which are useful for online trading. We helped  Dishwasher Direct make their products more available and did everything possible to make shopping process in this site more convenient.

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