Craft Sportswear


Craft Sportswear is a fresh start-up with some seriously smart founders from textile industry. The company is located in Boras, an old, traditional textile industry town in the South of Sweden. The initial concept of founder Anders Bengtsson was to develop underwear, which propels moisture away from the skin during physical activity – and thus guarantees the perfect microclimate. Craft Sportswear also supplies bicycle specific apparel to the RadioShack-Nissan professional cycling team.



When Craft Sportswear started looking for Magento partner to build their site, it was reasonable to find a forward-thinking company that is as serious about e-commerce as their customers are about sport. In their search for a partner with comprehensive services, our SaM Ecommerce company stood apart from the rest. As Craft Sportswear wanted to bring their business to a higher level and enter a new market, they needed a site built from scratch. Its language had to be English. Therefore, Craft Sportswear decided to go with Magento Community Edition.



  • Introducing a big product catalog without cluttering the page
  • Adding custom social sharing and commenting options to the product pages
  • Setting drop down menu
  • Placing a color swatch tool that allows consumers to see the product in all available colors with the click of a button
  • Providing a picking tool and an image tool that allows for zooming
  • Setting a search tool as well as price and size filter
  • Applying a responsive design
  • Providing a special area to subscribe and get newsletters


Our SaM Ecommerce team built a secure, stable and fast web site based on Magento platform. We developed features to make shopping simple and fun. For users it is easy to navigate this site and find the right product. Thanks to all options introduced by our developers, Craft Sportswear can observe a rise in conversion rate, average order value increase and as a result profit markup. Magento platform already helped Craft Sportswear to develop its business in England, the USA, Australia and it will certainly support Crafts Sportswear's continued growth for many years.

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