TrustFire is one of the largest distributors of flashlights. Being a leader in quality and innovation, TrustFire offers top-notch items at the affordable prices. Founded in 2004, the company is famous for product models designed in accordance with advanced technologies and the highest standards of quality. On their web store you can find any kind of flashlights, starting from led flashlight to bike light. 



Needing an experienced partner to develop their business online, wider their existing eCommerce channel, and enhance brand position, TrustFire turned to SaM Ecommerce with a request to provide them with the appropriate web solution. Having identified TrustFire’s needs, SaM team set up a strategy that included Magento Enterprise as the base of the solution.



  • Magento Enterprise implementation
  • Providing well-structured menu with unique icons
  • Setting user-friendly catalog searching and filtering
  • Implementing “My Account” module
  • Setting a search tool
  • Providing convenient interface and high usability


We have developed and implemented a secure Magento web site that provides customers (from all over the world: the USA, China, Germany, the UK, etc.)  with the opportunity to buy TrustFire items in the Internet as well as enables the retailer to develop the business online.The final site offers a wide range of flashlights made from air-craft grade aluminum, so any customer can find the model that will fit his/her needs. The site is equipped with a well-structured menu that makes the process of search much easier. Now, the web store is proactively supported by SaM Ecommerce Magento development team and its owner see the significant increase in revenue.

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