1. What is the main difference between hiring developers and hiring team?

When you hire developers, you select individuals. It means that you take care of their work. You have to give each of them tasks individually and they will provide you with the reports regarding the development process.

And when you hire a group of people, you select a whole team with team leader and developers. In such case, team leader is accountable for resources management, entire project development and reporting to client. 


2. Why should I hire a complete team ?

Hiring a complete team will give you many advantages. And we want to present you some of them:

  • There is no need to manage the performance of each developer.
  • The whole work is managed by the team leader who informs you regarding the workflow. As a result, you communicate just  with one person. 
  • With team leader, developers have the opportunity to get guidance from the local person.
  • Team leader has deep knowledge and wide experience in work with developers and client. It will make the development process faster and let to avoid possible  problems.

3. Which method of managing a dedicated developer is better?

Write emails, call and use skype for communication with developers. It will help you to be closer with them. 

Developers, in their turn, have to provide you with reports and inform you about a workflow regularly.


4. What are the main advantages that you can get from hiring a dedicated team?

We want to present you just a couple of them:

The first is an opportunity to work with dedicated and skilled developers. The second is a total control over the development process. The third one is a chance to deal with creative developers, who always have something to offer you. Also, hiring a dedicated team guarantee a Quality Assurance and Risk Minimization. And at last, but not least is the fact that developers work as a part of your team. 


5. Where does your company locate?

 Our office is situated in Ukraine. More information you can find on Contact us page.


6. How many people does your team include? Should I visit your company to start working with you?

Our team consists of eCommerce and IT specialists. It includes managers, consultants, developers and designers. There is no the necessity to visit our office to become a part of our team. However, you are always welcome to our company.


7. What kind of reporting does your company use?

Our dedicated developers will provide you with daily work and time reports. Our agency team leader will inform you about the development process regularly. You will have an opportunity to communicate with programmers by using email, skype, phone. If you need, we will provide attendance report for hired developers too.


8. What do you do when a client is not satisfied with your developers performance?

Our managers will try to do everything possible to settle this issue. Inform us about encountered problem and we will arrange a replacement without additional charge. 


9. What are your company working hours? 

We work 9 hours a day including 1 hour (lunch time). Each client gets 8 hours of work on the project (in total 40 - 42 hours a week). We work from Monday to Friday. On public holidays of Ukraine our office remains closed. We work as per Ukrainian time zone, but if there is a need, we are able to work as per your time zone. However, in case of some urgent or emergency situation, we can change our graphic.


10. Where do my developers work? How can I communicate with them?

Your project developers work at our agency office. So, they are provided the technical support from seniors, managers and other staff. You can use instant messaging, email, skype or phone to contact with them.


11. Are my source code and business properties that I share with your team secure? 

All information we get from you is absolutely secure. We can guarantee that any confidential information about your company will not be communicated to the third party.


12. Which payment systems do you use? What are the payment terms?

We accept payments through Bank Wire Transfer. We follow a monthly billing cycle.


13. Can I resell your services?

Yes, you are allowed to resell our services. We work with both companies and coordinators.


14. Is trial period a paid service?

Trial period is very important. It lets you evaluate the quality and efficiency of service provided by our team.  In our agency, this service is paid. However, it is low-cost and takes one business week (40 hours).


15. What are hiring models of your company?

We provide you with developers on monthly basis in ways cited below:

  • Dedicated Developer (1 Junior level)
  • Dedicated Developer (1 Staff level)
  • Dedicated Developer (1 Senior level)
  • Dedicated Team (1 Junior/Staff level + 1 Senior level + 20 hrs of Team Leader)

16. What do you usually do when one of your developers falls sick?

In such kind of situations, we usually provide our client  with a replacement at the earliest in order to avoid the working process slow down. So, it will not influence the result.


17. Can your developers work for any other project other than mine?

Certainly, No.


18. Do you outsource the work to third party?

No, we do not. We have adequate in – house resources to perform your tasks.


19. How much time is needed to start the work?

You just have to provide us with all necessary details regarding your project and budget.  And after hiring, we start working on your project.


20. Payment/Invoices?

For dedicated team hiring, all the Invoices must be paid within 30 working days and required to send the payment advice to account department for coordinating with bank.

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