Worldwide Examples of Magento and Magento 2 Online Stores

modern magento web design

As Magento performs high usability level and the best online store user panels, 1 out of 4 ecommerce companies decides to work with Magento. This year, the amount of top 1 million businesses that are using Magento has grown by 1,500. informs that Magento is in high demand all over the world. A lot of Magento users are located in the USA, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and in other countries too. This platform has gained such popularity thanks to the wide range of useful features. One of them is the multiple language support. Magento users are able to upload language package and then website visitors can choose any language with special button that is usually placed on the right.

In this article, we want to present you websites’ screenshots which reflect every ecommerce store concept in the best way. We collected the most illustrative examples mirroring their owners’ preferences that considerably depend on their mentality.

5 brightest examples of Magento stores from all over the world

Germany online store based on Magento

Please, look at online store home page.  We are sure that you manage to indicate what country it represents without any problems. Of course, it is Germany.  Its laconic and modest web design speaks for itself. This site is designed with accuracy as well as perfect balance between structure and graphics. Restrained and cold colors provide a clear distinction between all sections. You can see that a white color dominates here. But despite such minimalistic design, online business owners try to join the mainstream and keep up with the times. German websites have a lot in common with Switzerland sites. It is explained by mentalities similarity.

softwareload german magento site design

The United Kingdom online store based on Magento

The main distinctive feature of English online stores’ design is an interplay between classics and modernity. The best example here is Fred Perry brand of clothes that has already become an icon in the UK fashion space. It is characterised by use of simple layout and natural colors. It certainly has own style that is presented in a composed manner. The Fred Perry store is based on Magento Enterprise Edition and due to this fact, it has all necessary features,  which make this site easy-to-navigate.

fred perry magento website

We cannot miss the fact that some websites presented on the market are already based on the Magento 2 platform. So, to present American and Australian online stores, we use the next examples.

The USA online store based on Magento 2

Speaking about the USA online stores in general, we can say that they are certainly created in accordance with latest trends and with use of new techniques. It is hard to distinguish one feature, basing only on this country mentality, because United States is a place where different nationalities and races manage to coexist. The fact that  this country is economically developed left the imprint on site building approach. American ecommerce businessmen  try to come in contact with site visitors by using different informative banners and product advertising texts. They want to show their awareness about customers preferences.  

Below you can see SolGirl website screenshot with emphasised information about special deals proposed by this brand. The banner placed in the middle of the page contains wording that inspires customers purchase a new bra. As this site is based on Magento 2 platform, we cannot but mention about a new, improved architecture. This online store presents a great number of additional features that make its operation stable and fast.

 solgirl usa magento site design

Australia online store based on Magento 2

Having studied some Australian web sites, we found out that they are in line with the latest trends and also have own distinctive features. It is a joyful atmosphere that is seen in almost each detail. Of course, not all of Australian online stores keep with this tendency, because usually the designer’s choice depends on the product selling.

Venroy company has simple and well-organized website. Here, Magento team decided to apply image-based navigation panel that is surely catching and convenient for use. It makes site design smarter and enhances its content. But look at the second photo, you will see that even having such laconic menu design, this site owner decided to bring a note of fun. At the bottom of the page, you can see several photos from Venroy Instagram. All of them are performed in the same manner and reflect the leisure life.

venroy australia site design

the leisure life instagram

Sometimes people from one country decide to start their business at the market of another country. Probably, it offers more convenient conditions, the target audience is more suitable or there are other reasons. And here ecommerce business is not excepcion. Below, we present the example of such company.

International online store based on Magento

K-swiss company is owned by two Swiss brothers. They moved to California to start their own footwear business. Their company specializes in designing and selling  athletic footwear, mainly tennis shoes. The interesting fact is that their footwear is popular even among many world champions. K-swiss site is build on the Magento Enterprise platform that helps to sell its shoes on a multinational level. Looking at K-swiss home page, we see that it presents a mix of Swiss and American design traditions. Accurate layout combines perfectly with modern and catching photos that demonstrate products from different angles. On another page, they offer special deals like Free Shipping and Last Chance Sales.

k-swiss international magento site design

magento website last chance

Whether you are looking for a reliable ecommerce platform like Magento or just want to increase your knowledge about ecommerce, we hope that this information was interesting and useful for you. If you have any questions, contact our Sam Ecommerce Magento Development experts, and they will help you.  Also, you can read the next articles to broaden your knowledge about Magento and Magento 2:

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