What’s New in Magento 2.2.3?

Whats new in Magento 2.2.3

At the end of February 2018, Magento released Magento Open Source 2.2.3 and Magento Commerce 2.2.3. We’d like to remind that Magento Open Source is a relatively new name of Magento Community Edition, and Magento Commerce was previously called Magento Enterprise Edition.

According to the official notes, this release contains a bunch of security improvements, one copyright improvement, support for Elasticsearch 5.x, alterations of the Magento Admin and improvements of the ACL for cache management. These updates are the same for both platforms. 

Improvements in Magento 2.2.3

Let’s take a closer look at each and every improvement in the latest version of Magento.

Security Improvements in Magento 2.2.3

Over 30 improvements were added to the security system of Magento 2.2.3. The significant improvements were done to solve such problems as:

  • Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF or XSRF) or Sea surf. CSRF is an attack in which an authorized victim is tricked into making a false request. In this way, the reputation of the site can be compromised. In the new release of Magento Commerce and Open Source, you’ll find new features that are supposed to close such counterfeited requests.  
  • Data breach (data leak or spill). It is a security incident in which the attacker steals and uses sensitive information. As you may know, from May 25th, 2018, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be applied in the EU, but the power of the regulation is going to spread worldwide (more about GDPR you can find out in our article . Therefore, Magento added improvements to protect the sensitive data of your customers.
  • Remote code execution (RCE) vulnerabilities. RCE is a type of attack in which an attacker can execute any command of their choice wherever and whenever they want. Particularly in Magento, the admin with restricted rights could execute the code during the upload of CMS media. In the new release, this vulnerability is eliminated.

Support for Elasticsearch

Support for Elasticsearch 5.x in Magento 2.2.3

Elasticsearch is a search and analytics engine that uses RESTful APIs and JSON. It is flexible, predictable, reliable and fast. Furthermore, its APIs are intuitive; thus, the admin can easily perform any management task. Thanks to a Magento community member, Magento 2.2.3 supports Elasticsearch 5.x.

Comparing to the 2.x versions of Elasticsearch, the version 5.x has got lots of enhancements that significantly improve the performance of the search and analytics engine, but these changes can be truly understood and appreciated by developers. Among the updated features of Elasticsearch 5.x, you’ll find indexing performance improvements, security improvements and many others. Find out more here.

Support for New USPS Shipping Policy in Magento 2.2.3

Towards the end of February, USPS announced several changes to their shipping policy. One of them deals with shipping labels. In order to provide their customer with better service, they decided to remove APIs that were used for creating shipping labels free of charge. Therefore, the same feature was excluded from the Admin panel in Magento 2.2.3.

However, you can find a similar functionality in Magento Shipping software or search for it on Magento Marketplace.

Improvements of the ACL for Cache Management in Magento 2.2.3

Another Magento community member suggested improving the control over the cache management by implementing a more accurate approval for performing the tasks connected with the cache. The Magento team liked the idea and added this improvement to the new release. 

Upgrade MagentoShould I Upgrade to the Latest Magento Version Every Time?

The Magento team announces the releases of updated Magento versions quite often. Thus, you might wonder whether you should waste your time on upgrading the site every time. Think of a brick-and-mortar store. When you find out that the lock is old and won’t stop shoplifters from getting inside, don’t you change the lock or at least repair it? Don’t you refresh the paint on the walls? Don’t you buy new equipment? We think you do. 

The same thing with Magento updates: they make your online store look and perform better, and, what is more important, they provide your store with a high level of security. Therefore, our answer is yes. Yes, you have to upgrade your online store to the latest version each time the Magento team announces a new release.

How to Upgrade to Magento 2.2.3? 

First of all, you have to download Magento 2.2.3. On Magento Tech Resources, you’ll find all possible paths to get the latest version. Then, upgrade Magento on the development website (a detailed tutorial you can find here Magento 2 Tutorial: How to Install, Upgrade, and Migrate to Magento 2), test the site, fix possible issues, check the result, and only then, release the updated site. However, you should test the live site one more time.

If you aren’t sure whether you can manage to perform this intricate task, contact Our Team of Magento Certified Developers.

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