Top 5 Magento Extensions for 2016

Top 5 Magento Extensions for 2016

Magento is a leading open source platform powered by a number of high-quality modules. It is one of the most reliable solutions for any eCommerce business. Today, more than 200,000 merchants from all over the world have their businesses built on Magento Enterprise/Community Editions and on Magento 2. Over the last years, a number of Magento certified developers and different systems integrators has significantly increased. Now, the Marketplace offers a variety of solutions designed to upgrade the existing features of your online store. And today we want to present the list of the top Magento extensions.

The Most Popular Magento Extensions on Magento Connect 


Merchants with Magento as their eCommerce platform use extensions to make their online stores to do even more. Magento Connect is the largest eCommerce application marketplace in the world.”

This extract was taken from Magento Connect site. It explains the necessity of using Magento modules and tells what is Magento Connect itself. And now, let’s look at the list of the top Magento extensions designed by Magento leading partners.

When you go to Magento Connect you see that all Magento extensions are divided into 7 categories: Customer Experience, Site Management, Integrations, Marketing, Utilities, Themes, Magento 2.

Also, they are divided into subcategories, such as: customer experience / alternative sales models, blog tools, automation, data, crm, integration tools, advertizing & marketing, developer tools and many others.

But, there is another division of all Magento extensions/modules and themes. They are divided into 4 large groups:

  • Staff Picks (selected by Magento experts)
  • Featured Extensions 
  • Highest Rated Extensions 
  • Most Recent Extensions

First three groups include top Magento extensions, which are recognized by Magento community as the best solutions for eCommerce businesses. And we decided to take and describe some of them. We want to start with the extension that is one of our favorite Magento solutions.

pickPack by Moogento

pickPack is really one of the best Magento extensions. It increases warehouse efficiency with optimised Pick Lists and Packing Sheets; enlarges the number of repeat sales with the help of beautiful Invoices; helps online retailers to boost sales with beautiful PDFs. This extension improves Packing Sheets and Invoices by changing their design, adding discount coupons and other call-to-actions; adding review reminders, customisable by store; including returns info and forms on the sheets. With such great variety of offered options, pickPack can help you to make your company’s image more memorable, increase sales and reduce time spent on support. pickPack is compatible with all Magento versions, so you will have no difficulties with its installation.

pickPack by Moogento Magento extension

Moogento is a creator of pickPack and other top Magento extensions, such as: shipEasy, NoMoreSpam!, easyTestimonials, slackCommerce. Most of them are based on real-world experience and enhance online stores’ operations. Moogento was founded by Jim Gilbert after he had used Magento himself to sell clothes online. Keeping his own business on Magento, Jim has understood what features need to be enhanced. And as a result, he decided to create a suite of extensions, which help him and other business owners to carry out their businesses more successfully.

Magento WordPress Integration by FishPig

WordPress Integration is a special extension for Magento eCommerce designed by FishPig to integrate your WordPress blog with your Magento store. It is the first in Magento Staff Picks list with popularity score 100,514. This extension is compatible with Magento Community, Magento Professional and Magento Enterprise Edition. It supports about 15 often used languages. WordPress Integration is so popular thanks to a number of high-valued features. First of all, it is absolutely free to use and easy to install via Magento Connect. It does not require any core Magento or WordPress file modification. It is possible to use your Magento theme for your WordPress blog. With this extension, you can associate your WordPress posts with your Magento products. And moreover, when you integrate your existing WordPress blog, you will have the same URL's. So, your Magento store SEO will not be affected.

Magento WordPress Integration

FishPig is extensions development company based in the UK. Their most popular extensions are Magento WordPress Integration, Magento full page cache, Magento product tabs and Magento shop by attribute. They have more than 10 years of experience in the online shopping industry and use this knowledge in every Magento module creation. So, each of their Magento extensions is designed to solve a specific business problem.

One Page Checkout by IWDAgency

This top Magento extension’s name speaks by itself. Designed by IWDAgency, One Page Checkout reduces checkout process from 6 steps to 1; allows customers to use saved contact information; easily customizes checkout language. One Page Checkout can be integrated with PayPal, Sage Pay, Braintree Payment solutions. It is fully responsive, so your customers will be able to checkout on any device (computer, tablet or smartphone). As the checkout process becomes quicker, the amount of completed carts grows, the cart abandonment is lowering. And the last, but not least, this extension supports multiple languages, and paypal integration.

One Page Checkout Magento extension

IWD Extensions is the largest North American extension provider of professionally designed solutions for Magento stores. This agency goal is to help eCommerce businesses to faster some processes and increase their online revenue. IWD Extensions is owned and operated by IWD Agency that locates in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and specializes in Magento development.

Yotpo Reviews by Yotpo

Yotpo Reviews is also one of the most popular Magento extensions these days. It has a great functionality. With the help of  this extension it becomes easier to generate thousands of reviews, images, and other content. It provides your clients with the opportunity to evaluate reviews or feedbacks directly on your Magento store, not going somewhere else. Such options will let you drive more traffic, increase conversion rate and boost sales. Yotpo's basic version is free, but if you need some premium features, you have to pay for them. Today, over 150, 000 stores using Yotpo solution.

Yotpo Magento extension

The provider of this solution is Yotpo. It is a user-generated content platform that lets its users generate reviews, pictures, Q&A, and more.Their aim is to help eCommerce business owners drive better results with reviews for the customers.

Sales Tax Extension for Avalara’s AvaTax by Astound Commerce

Avalara is a top Magento extension created for companies that focus on the outsource complex, administrative functions. It is the number one in the Featured Extensions list. Avalara address sales tax challenges with AvaTax. The processes of sales tax calculation; exemption certificates management; returns filing; and remitment of payments across multiple tax regions become more affordable and faster. You may ask - how does it work? Their tax decision engine determines rates based on more that 100,000 taxability rules in over 11,000 taxing jurisdictions and immediately use them for a specific transaction within your Magento shopping cart. 

Sales Tax Magento Extension Avalara’s AvaTax

Astound Commerce is a worldwide digital commerce agency. They provide a number of technology, digital and eCommerce solutions designed to enhance different features of your online store. They use the technology only from world’s leading providers. Their team, consisting of 500 qualified members (including Magento experts) helped to build successful eCommerce businesses for such famous brands as: Adidas, Versace, Men's Wearhouse, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss and Crocs.

Finally, our list of top 5 Magento extensions that help to make faster and easier different eCommerce stores’ processes comes to an end. Of course, we have presented just a small part of all Magento extensions, which Magento Connect offers. Be attentive when choosing the plugin to integrate with your online store. We hope that our list will help you with this challenge. If you have some additional questions, contact our Magento expert team and they will be happy to answer them!

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One Page Checkout was a really helpful extension in increasing conversion on my product pages. Apart from these extensions, I would also like to add some other Magento extensions that are worth a try, like Live Chat extension that makes it easy to provide quality support to visitors and Amasty's Full Page Cache extension that greatly improves the performance.
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Thanks for sharing such an informative article with us! The extensions you listed in the article are useful.
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