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Magento Migration

Currently, out of more than 180 thousand users, only about 50 thousand have already switched to Magento 2. Those who are still devoted to Magento 1 run the risk of encountering some problems. If you have not yet switched, in this article we will tell you about the process of migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2, and also tell you about the many advantages of the updated platform.

CMS without constant updates becomes a tidbit for hacker attacks that can infect the system with a code that specializes in dumping your customer’s personal data. This situation can lead to enormous problems and large companies have already upgraded to Magento 2. Not only for the sake of increasing security, but it is also worth switching to Magento 2. You will find many improvements and new opportunities. Let's walk through them briefly.

Increased performance and flexibility

Faster web page loading, improved database flexibility, reduced server response time, simplified query caching. All this made it possible to increase the speed of Magento 2 to unprecedented levels.

Updated security measures 

Thanks to two-factor authentication, an improved dynamic backup system, a unique URL for the administrator and updated hashing algorithms, you can be sure that your business will be protected as if behind a stone wall.

The updated order fulfillment system

Now you can use not only standard payment modules but also easily integrate other payment modules that are convenient for you. Also, a summary of ordering with all the information appeared, which improves the quality of customer service and significantly reduces the time for placing an order. Thanks to this, your conversion will increase significantly.

Convenient reporting system

Now reporting has never been so convenient and fast. Now at your service 20 reports have been added that are run through a web interface and located in the Magento Admin section, and most importantly, all reports work in real-time and provide you with visual metrics from the number of registered users to the collections of the best-selling products.

Adapted for mobile devices design

Now, thanks to the redesigned interface and improved design, you can manage your store using any touch screen device. Designers and developers did a tremendous job so that using Magento on mobile devices would be equally convenient both for the store owner and for buyers of the Magento website.

Magento Migration

An impressive list, right? And now let's talk about the transition from one platform to another. For the transition, you need to consider 3 main components.

1. Data

Most importantly, the foundation of the basics. Using the data transfer tool, you can safely transfer all the important information and you can be 100% sure that you will not lose anything along the way. The list of information includes data on products, orders, customers and various settings and configurations of stores. However, we are forced to say that the transfer of all data and information is a rather lengthy process and should take into account many factors. Our Magento 2 developers can easily help you figure this out.


A huge number of extensions have already been fully tested and run in by the dedicated Magento community. Also, all extensions are already available and can be found directly on the Magento marketplace.

3.Settings, themes, and customization

After the developers have completed the processing of this section, sellers now have great opportunities to make the shopping process unique for their customers, fast and enjoyable. By making your store unique, you also maintain high-performance thanks to a redesigned theme and customization settings.

Magento Migration

Well, now we turn to the most important thing. Here is a short plan for moving from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Step 1: Develop your migration plan

It is very important to identify all the points and the main stages of the transition to an improved platform. It is also worth entering all the deadlines for the execution of certain items so that the process goes without hesitation and like clockwork.

Step 2: Make sure you have a testing environment

We advise you to complete each step of your transition plan in a separate environment, and preferably on a separate server so that your store does not experience malfunctions.

Step 3: Time to install extensions and user preferences

This is the very stage at which all the extensions are installed and it is at this stage that the development of user settings and additional functions is going on.

Step 4: Transfer all Magento data

At this stage, you should be very careful, because the Magento data transfer tool transfers all the information that is only directly to Magento. Some files, custom code, multimedia files, etc. will not be transferred.

Step 5: Time to work out Magento's 2 new designs

No matter how sad it may sound, the themes from Magento 1 are no longer available to work on Magento 2 and we recommend that you think over the new design of your site. The update may take some time and if you are limited in it, you can easily use the standard themes that are posted on the Magento trading platform.

Step 6: Additional data synchronization will not hurt

So that you are sure that everything is ready and nothing has been lost anywhere from important information, a separate host server is launched and it is specially tuned to the new Magento 2 system requirements. Next, the process of complete database synchronization is started, which may also take some time, however. Sure, this is a very important step and it’s worth a little wait.

Step 7: The store is ready to launch.

Final stage. After such a long journey, if everything works as it should, without errors and problems, and all the files and information are where they should be, your store is ready to run on a working server and you can safely start selling your goods on your updated Magento 2 store.

Well, now you know everything about Magento 2, starting from the improvements and reasons for switching to this version and ending with the process of migration to the new version. Now that you are armed with this information, feel free to write to us and our Team of Senior Magento 2 Developers and soon switch to the new version and together we will make your store even better and more productive.

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