Few Tips How to Speed up Magento on Mobile

Speed Up Magento on Mobile

For the last few years, mobile devices became an integral part of people’s everyday life. You can check your email, talk with friends, read, listen to music and even do your shopping on the way to work. Such mobility makes people spend more time using mobile devices than PC. So that’s the reason why you should optimize your online Magento store for mobile devices if you didn’t do so, and speed it up. Nobody likes to wait too much. Remember that perfect time of page downloading - 2-3 seconds. 

So, how you can offer your products to customers through mobile devices? 

Mobile site

To make your site mobile friendly you can use responsive design. The responsive design of web pages reacts to display resolution of deviсe and adapts to it. So, no matter which device your customer uses, your site will fit it perfectly. 

Mobile App

Mobile apps are much faster than sites. It may have offline access as well as online. Also, it creates personalized content for each customer. It also sends push notifications with discounts and order information. All of it makes users get back to it again and again. 


new trend in e-commerce became popular because of its advantages. PWAs acting like a mobile app with no need to install it. A mobile app is a good choice too, but not always customers have much time for installation and updating it. PWAs has no need for installation and it’s updating when a user uses it.

Speed up Magento on Mobile

And to speed up your Magento follow these tips: 

  1. Make it easy

    Despite the fact that users spend so much time using tablets and smartphones, they have limited time for purchasing. That’s why you should make your site and purchasing process as simple as possible. 

  2. User-friendly Search

    Sometimes customers already know what they wish to buy on your site. And in this case, a site search will be their best friend. Don’t make your users look through all the categories of your site. Just make simple and fast site search.

  3. Wishlist

    If you’ll give the customer an opportunity to add liked items to wish-list, 50% that they will come back and buy something.
  4. Related items

    Customers often pay attention to the items that show ups next to the product which they choose. The related items make users spend more time in your site and chances of buying increase.

  5. Images and videos

    Images for mobile devices should be resized and scaled. Video content may be deferred until it’s needed. Not every user will wait until huge-sized images and videos will download. So these actions will help to speed up time for downloading a site page. 

  6. JavaScript 

    Deactivate JavaScript and make it upload after all needed site content is already downloaded.

    Speed up Magento on Mobile

  7. Extensions 

    In Magento Marketplace you can find extensions which fit perfectly to you. There are many of them that help to create a mobile app from your site, makes purchasing process simpler, build up chat to a mobile version and etc.

  8. Theme

    To make your site mobile-friendly and speed it up you should use the right Magento theme. Such as:

    Magento mobile HTML5 Theme

    Magento mobile HTML5 Theme perfectly fits for smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS. It is an official Magento theme with free installation.

    Argento Theme

    The theme was tested in all popular browsers and various mobile devices. It fits for both Magento Community and Enterprise editions and for Magento 1 and Magento 2 as well. On lifetime license you should spend $90 and monthly support will cost you $25, but it’ optional. You also have a chance to try out demo version before making choice.

Everyday people all over the world do online shopping. And every year the amount of sales via mobile is rising. The biggest amount of it is on the biggest holidays. And Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year is coming. Make your mobile sales ready for it. Connect with our Magento Developers right now!

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