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Among the various ways to increase conversion rates in Magento 2 stores, for example, having an online chat or personalized recommendations, there is one rather interesting way called a Share cart. This feature allows buyers to share their online carts with loved ones and friends. Such functionality allows you to passively advertise your goods through your customer base and thereby increase your online store’s conversion. 

There are many different ways to add a share cart functionality to your Magento 2 store, and we'll look at one of them. And we’ll do this using two examples of share cart extensions. The first one will be Share Cart for Magento 2 from Mageplaza, which is completely free to use. The second one will be Share Shopping Cart - Magento 2 from Redchamps. It's a paid extension, which costs $99. We’ll look at the extensions themselves, their functionality, and what they can offer to Magento 2 store owners.

Share Cart for Magento 2: Quick Overview

The Share Cart for Magento 2 extension was developed by Mageplaza and was created specifically to make a simple and quick way to share customers’ shopping cart contents. To do so, it’s enough to click the “Share Cart”. The link that is bound to the cart will be instantly copied to the clipboard. Moreover, this link can be sent anywhere and to any place where it is possible to paste it. 

Share Cart in Magento 2 Mainbuttons Source: Mageplaza

Text Button

If several different products have already been saved in the cart, in that case, the extension provides an opportunity to get complete information about the contents of the cart using the Text button. After that, a pop-up window appears with detailed information about the upcoming purchase, such as the price of each item, the total number of items, and the total purchase price. It's a very simple but extremely useful function.

Share Cart in Magento 2 “Text” button pop-up (Source: Mageplaza)

PDF Button

While the Text button allows you to get basic information about the goods in the cart, the PDF button allows buyers to generate a file in PDF format, which is a full-fledged invoice. Buyers can download it and save these them on their devices. This file contains all vital information, such as:

  • Various information about the store (full name of the company and its address, email, telephone, registration number, etc.).
  • Various warnings.
  • Date of purchase.
  • Full purchase total (total quantity of goods, ID number of each item, detailed description, price of each item and total purchase price).

Share Cart in Magento 2 PDF file layout (Source: Mageplaza)

Moreover, necessary information about the company that appears in PDF file can be customized. It's possible to make through a convenient menu, where you can fill in detail fields with all the important information about your company. This information will be displayed in the buyer's PDF file.

Share Shopping Cart - Magento 2: Quick Overview

This paid extension by Redchamps and is a pretty functional solution if you want to add a share cart function to your store. For its price, it offers a fairly wide range of functionality. The extension allows buyers to share their carts using a link or directly via email, SMS or WhatsApp. This is about the standard functionality you can expect from this kind of extensions. Now, let’s talk about additional features that will definitely surprise you.

Share Cart in Magento 2 Share feature (Source: Redchamps)

Detailed Reports

You can track accurate statistics on new customers referred through the Share Cart feature. This is a pretty useful feature that gives you visual statistics about how your business progresses and how much the share cart expansion is contributing to it. These statistics are available through the admin panel.

Share Cart in Magento 2 Report interface (Source: Redchamps)

Shopping Cart View

Through the admin panel, you can view the contents of the shopping carts of buyers who have made purchases in your store. This is an excellent analysis tool that allows you to determine which product is currently the most popular among your buyers and which product categories should be emphasized when making additional purchases to your store.

Share Cart in Magento 2 Shopping cart view (Source: Redchamps)

Wrapping Things Up

We've briefly covered two extensions that allow your shoppers to share their shopping carts with their loved ones. Both extensions are distributed using different monetization models, and it's up to you to choose what works best for your business. However, these two extensions are great tools that expand the store's functionality, satisfy your clients, and increase the popularity of your store and conversion rates.

That's all for now. We hope you find this article interesting and helpful. If you have any questions regarding Magento 2, do not hesitate and write our Magento Agency, and we will advise you on all your questions!

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