Reasons for Outsourcing Magento in Ukraine

Reasons for outsourcing Magento in Ukraine

Ukraine has repeatedly shown that it is a real source of valuable IT personnel. Ukrainian experts glorify their homeland in the USA, Germany, Australia, UK. But do not think that absolutely all specialists from Ukraine work abroad. Many brilliant minds carry out a huge number of outsourcing tasks without bothering to travel to the airport with the accompanying move to another country. We will tell you about several reasons that will definitely convince you of the reliability of the solution for developing your Magento solutions in Ukraine.

A huge number of highly qualified specialists.

Ukraine, as a country of the former Soviet Union, like the entire Union, in particular, has always been at the forefront of new technologies, and echoes of this are still observed. A huge number of technical universities graduate from thousands of IT professionals. Also, most companies provide their training centers, divided into various IT areas. Anyone can go there and the best graduates of these centers are offered jobs in companies. Thanks to this, Ukrainian developers take 5th place among the best developers in the world and every year there are more and more specialists of such a high class in Ukraine.

More than one and a half thousand IT companies across the country.

Ukrainian companies provide a wide range of services that can satisfy any, even the most sophisticated, requests. It is also worth noting that the matter is not only in quantity. Most companies that have large branches throughout the country are among the top companies that provide outsourcing services.

More than 90% of developers and industry experts are fluent in English.

This indicator very clearly demonstrates the ease of communication with Ukrainian developers. Such a high percentage of people who know English is the result of various language tests before a job interview, as well as free English courses for their employees, which are provided by the company, in order to increase their English proficiency among their subordinates.

Similar work ethics and culture

You will be surprised, but when you personally communicate with Ukrainian developers, you will see that their attitude to work is quite similar to Western experts. Ukrainian IT teams are fully involved in what they are doing, and they are not afraid of difficulties and challenges. Attentive attitude to the needs of the client and the desire for perfection of execution are the main qualities of Ukrainian specialists. Your work with them will be comfortable and productive.

Reasons for outsourcing Magento in Ukraine

Pleasant prices for services and at the same time high quality of services

Despite the fact that with the advent of the new government and general reforms, against the background of these events, many IT specialists raised the prices for their services, they still remain quite low. The average hourly salary of a programmer in Ukraine is an order of magnitude lower than that of specialists of the same high level in the West. Even the cost of maintaining an office in Ukraine affects the cost of services. So if you want to get the top level of services for reasonable money, you should contact Ukrainian specialists.

Convenience of time zones and ease of flight to the country.

You will be surprised at how convenient it will be to work with Ukrainian specialists, due to their location. Ukraine is 7 hours ahead of the east coast of the United States and 2 hours ahead of European countries. So you can be sure that by your arrival Ukrainian specialists will be working hard and they will have the latest reports on the work done for you. The simplicity of flights will also help you, since direct flights always go to Ukraine, and you can stay in the country without a visa for 90 days, which makes communication with your team of Ukrainian programmers even easier.6. Convenience of time zone and ease of flight to the country.

Well, let's summarize. Ukraine is a very attractive country to find a good team of specialists who will bring your ideas to life. Low prices of services, highly qualified staff, and ease of communication make Ukraine a real storehouse of excellent companies with which a huge number of other companies are already cooperating. Every year Ukraine develops by leaps and bounds and sets new successes in the IT industry and you can be sure that choosing Ukrainian developers, your solutions will be developed and presented in the best possible way. And that’s all. Do not hesitate and feel free to contact us and our Team of Magento 2 Developers and they will advise you on all your questions.

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