Ways of The Product Pages Optimization: The Sale Rates Should Increase

Sometimes Live View reporting can signalize you about the necessity to do some work. 

You don’t stop making attempts to attract more buyers to your online store, but the results may be not enough satisfactory. It happens that some visitors just don’t buy.   

Thus, the pages of your product must be improved to convince the visitors to make orders. If you don’t know how to solve this problem, don’t worry. Shopify's Partner Program is always on hand to help you.

It’s known that the product page of high conversion is very efficient. So, there is some expert advice how to optimize your product page.  

What are the elements for your product page improving?

In the abstract, product pages are not complicated. You just provide the visitors with the needed information about your products and try to convince them that a purchase will be of use.

R. Joseph, who is the content strategist of the digital agency VentureWeb, considers that the product pages should provide all the necessary information for the customers to make a decision about the purchase in a convenient and easy way without any doubts.

And what is to start with? There are 4 elements for improving your product page and making it effective:

1. The product. It’s the crucial element of your page. It should “shine on the stage”, be well-presented and give the potential buyers as much information as possible for them to decide to add the product to a cart.

2. The brand. It’s really important not only in social media or the after-sale emails, but especially on your product pages. Taking into account the popular ways of products discovering nowadays, your homepage can be never seen by someone before he buys something from you.  That’s why don’t forget about branding.

3. Copywrighting. It’s role is important too, because your information in the written form makes your brand rather special.

4. The design of your page and the usability. If your page is well-designed and is easy for the customers to use, it certainly will increase your conversions.

You can see the recommendations from Shopify Partner experts concerning your product page improvement below:

Effective trumpet-call: how should it be presented on your page

The main purpose of your page is to urge a customer to click on the “Buy” button. It’s the main “trumpet-call” of your page. So you have to pay much attention to it, especially if you have some troubles with you product page.

As M. Bonello from SMAKK Studios (her position is Strategy Director), assumes that such button should be distinguished and there should be no distracting elements around it. Nothing should become an obstacle for buying. The button must be visible at once your potential client opens the page. Otherwise, think seriously about redesigning. 

The button should be well-located (the central position is preferable), the fold should be below. And remember that nothing should distract the potential buyers’ attention.

C.H. Tisa, the representative of Internet Marketing Inc. advises not to try being very clever and original with this button. It shouldn’t be complicated and confusing. That’s why “Submit Order” or “Add to Cart” are the best simple decisions.

Be sure the photos of your product are really great and solid

E-commerce has so many preferences! There are no borders; the whole international world is opened to you. You don’t have to bear some special expenditure, as the common retailers do. But there are some another challenges for the e-commerce. It’s impossible for your clients to pick up, taste or try on your products before buying. This creates some problems.

Thus, the photos of your product play a significant role. M. Perini, who founded ICEE Social and has experience in web-design, says that in the e-commerce sphere people pay the biggest attention to photos and pictures.  

And if you do invest in the great photos of your products, it will have a wide positive influence not only within the confines of your product page. Your product will shine in the giant search mechanism of Google, social sites, Bing, so it will be just positive for you.

Furthermore, if the photos of your product are poor, you won’t be chosen for the guides of holiday gifts. Mind this fact! You can miss an opportunity to increase your sales in the holiday season.

Right photos of your product

Nowadays there are many guidelines that can help you to create really cool photos for making your products special among the variety of others.

M.Bonello assumes that it’s possible to show the main product parts by means of good and representative photos. SMAKK Studios has such experience. They dealt with the Chinese medicine and presented it to the western audience by means of the additional photos concerning peculiar qualities of the product. M. Bonello emphasizes that it can be applied to any brand.

Creating such photos will show all the advantages of your product. Make zooming possible for users; they will be able to see all the peculiarities of your product. It’s known that credibility is based on good photos.

Link a visual demonstration to the variants of your products

Don’t go too far in naming the variety of your product modifications – different colors, shapes and scents, for example. Of course, it could make your product more unique and individual. But a strange name (of a color, for example) can confuse your potential clients and they won’t imagine how it really looks. This will restrain customers from buying.

Thus, it’s very important your product variants to be linked to the photos. Each variant should be illustrated for the customers to understand what exactly they are going to buy.

A. Schaffer, who is Director at Bismuth Studios, supposes that leaving the product variants without linked images is a big mistake that might hold back conversions.

Detailed price of your product. Make the price clear for the customers!

According to A. Schaffer, this recommendation concerns you stronger if you deal with the expensive and luxury products. If your product is rather simple, but its price is high, customers can misunderstand this situation and restrain from buying.

Customers not always understand what details form your product’s price. So, if your purpose is selling at high price, do care about answering possible questions on your product pages.

Provide your potential clients with the useful and clear information

The two crucial components of your page’s content are the product with its price. But don’t forget about your customers!

R. Joseph (VentureWeb) recommends your page to include enough information for each client, not depending on whether they know much or little about your product. There should be much useful and clear information. And remember to inform your customers about the consumer benefits they can get from usage of your product.

The other effective recommendations from R. Joseph are the following:

1. Provide a video about your product’s important details with instructions how to use the product properly, if possible.

2. Some user experience features can be very useful. For example, they are drop-downs, pop-up menu and the content revealing if hovering over. These features don’t overwhelm your page, but give much information.

3. Your copywriting should be well-structured and hierarchical. The headings should help the customers to find the mail facts pretty fast.

4. The product guides must be created, because they are a considerable source of the answers to your clients’ most probable questions.

Presence of the brand is obligatory

The logotype and graphics presented in social media form your brand. M. Perini, who founded ICEE Social, assumes that it is a brand that reflects your main concept. Thus, your brand may either improve the product page or make it worse. Visitors of your page want to get acquainted with your brand immediately. So, the brand should be presented as well as possible on your product page, not only on the home page. Many customers can visit directly your product page omitting visiting the home page.    

Create the inspiring content

Your customers should get to understand that your product is favorable and helps, for example, to look or feel better, to help in their work and the everyday life. Thus, your product must be really useful, and the content of the page must be inspiring and give the anticipation of positive results from buying. 

R. Joseph also advises to think about the ways of the lifestyle improving your product can provide to the clients. Then tell them about it, give the inspiring information.

Content should sound human

Sometimes the descriptions of your product can become too bland and boring. Check this before publishing.

M. Bonello (SMAKK Studios) advises to think carefully about the audience you are writing to, and about the ways of your brand coming to life. The brand must correspond to your concepts and your clients’ interests. Then it will work. Also remember that there is little time for making an impression on your customers, so don’t write a lot.

Importance of the society proof

The social proof is also important for your product page. It may give more credibility and increase your conversions. Resources from well-known and popular Instagram and credible testimonials make your potential clients confiding, they will be ready for buying. The social proof is of great importance especially for the new brands. It makes them credible and more popular.  

Understand your potential clients

You must understand who are your potential clients, what they need right now, what are their preferences and what motivates them to buy. It helps to decide what information and details about your product to give, and what photo suits best.

In conclusion, it worth saying that all the given recommendations are equally important and should be used as a complex for your product page improvement.

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