Online Magento Forums and Communities

Online Magento forums and communities

How to speed up my Magento store? How to share Cart among several Magento stores? How to add the translation to my Magento store? How can I solve problems with payment? How to configure Magento work with a new domain? Aren’t some of these questions yours? Who should you ask them? The easiest way to find answers is to search for them on the Internet but to find thorough answers you have to search for them on professional online forums or in online professional communities. In this article, we are going to recommend you the best online places where you will definitely find competent answers.

Online Magento Forums

Online forums are still leading places to ask a question and find an answer. Thus, a Magento forum it is the first place you should visit in case you’ve got a problem with your e-store. On any online forum, you can read a post and search for information, but until you have registered, you are not allowed to ask a question, submit your answer, or post a message. 

Below you can find two leading Magento forums.                

The Magento Forums

The Magento Forums were created with Magento community members in mind. And the number of members is continually growing: as of the beginning of 2017, there are over 200,000 members, who have asked and resolved more than 2,000 questions. On the Magento Forums, you can study topics focused on Magento Community and Magento Enterprise Editions or get professional tips from experts, who work there voluntarily so that your eCommerce business can successfully grow

The Magento Forums

You can easily find any topic you need because the information presented on the Magento Forums is clearly divided into the following categories:

  • Core Technology - Magento 1.x
  • Core Technology - Magento 2
  • Magento Business Intelligence
  • Extensions
  • General Discussions
  • International Communities
  • Events
  • Magento U
  • News and Announcements
  • Developer Blog (this brand new category is focused on developers and nourishes you with news directly from the source)

Each of the message written here can be rated with the special content-rating system — kudos, thus, you can understand which piece of information is the most valuable; at the same time, you can mark a message as  "Accepted Solution" if it perfectly solves the problem. On the Magento Forums, you can not only post your questions and answers but also exchange your ideas and private messages with other forum participants.

Magento Expert Forum

Magento Expert Forum is the place where you can find help from experts in Magento development. All posts are divided into the following topics:

  • Technical Support
  • Documents and Tutorials
  • Products and Services
  • Magento Hosting, VPS, Server Option, and Configuration
  • Marketing, SEO, SEM, and Sales
  • Templates and Extensions provider experience

Magento Expert Forum

Don’t get scared by the overcrowded dashboard — you can easily find the information by typing your question in the appropriate field. On Magento Expert Forum you can exchange private messages with other users, create and join groups, subscribe to a thread or forum, and rate other users according to the quality of their answers.


Reddit is an outstanding source of information on every topic existing. It was found in 2005 and now contains posts submitted by billions of registered users (redittors). Redittors can create communities, discuss and up- or downvote published messages. There are numerous of subreddits that help you to make your way through tons of posts, and one of such subreddits is focused on Magento.

Magento subreddit


Here takes place the real conversation that usually leads to solving troubles as there are about 3,000 redditors from all over the world. In a nutshell, Magento subreddit is a great place to learn something new about this eCommerce platform.

Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is a system of more than 150 Q&A websites that cover various topics on anything you can think of. Stack Exchange is all about getting answers to questions as it was designed to be a place where you will be able to find detailed answers. 

Magento Stack Exchange

Magento Stack Exchange is the community where you can get a professional solution to your thoroughly described practical questions about Magento platform. Actually, you have to be very attentive to your questions and include in them as much information as possible in order to get a professional answer, which you can then mark as “accepted” or merely upvote and rise it to the top. But do not forget to search for your question at first, perhaps, the solution has been already found and can be used by you, too.


A lot of useful information you can pick up reading a Magento blog. For example, on our blog, you can find material beginning from the history of Magento logo and ending with a tutorial on building a Magento 2 extension, furthermore, you can always write a question underneath a related article and start a discussion. We also highlight Magento news and events and try to give useful tips on different topics so that you can enhance your eCommerce business. 

In case you have tried everything but still cannot find an appropriate solution to your problem, do not hesitate and contact us: our Magento developers will do their best to help you!

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