Meet Magento Indonesia 2016: Nice To Meet You!


There are no doubts that you have already heard about Meet Magento Association which annually arranges series of Magento conferences all around the world including the USA, Japan, the UK, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain and many other. Only last year it held 16 events and this amount is expected to be even bigger this year. 

Everything started in 2009 when some eCommerce enthusiasts came together to share their experience. From that time this event is known as the Magento miracle. Every year, thanks to its mature concept and high-quality networking Meet Magento increases its scale and a bigger number of participants from different countries are coming to participate. And this year Indonesia is lucky to be among the countries where this great event will be held. “What brought it there” you may ask. We already have an answer. So let’s consider this issue in more details.

Indonesia as eCommerce Walking up Giant of the Last Decade 

A large number of leading eCommerce specialists admit that Indonesia goes with rapid strides to eCommerce top being proactive in this sector during the last several years. 

Based on the information given by Indonesian most famous newspaper Jakarta Globe, near 80% of Indonesians who have an access to the worldwide web network use it for online shopping while the average annual spendings for it are equal to 450$ per person. 

Along with that, a number of other sources are constantly proving that Asian-Pacific region is currently on the top of its eCommerce growth. So it is not so difficult to forecast the forthcoming increase of these numbers in the next few years. 

Increasing Use of Magento in Indonesia 

With the fast growth of eCommerce in Indonesia, the use of Magento is growing as well due to its strong Ecommerce features. As you may know, eCommerce in Indonesia has its own specific peculiarities compared to the USA and Europe. One of the biggest differences is that a large number of Indonesians don’t own credit cards, making it harder for them to buy items that require electronic transactions. As a result, the most popular payment methods for this region are cash on delivery and bank transfer. Such methods allow customers to pay couriers directly for the order upon delivery. Due to its flexible functionalities and number of extensions Magento is the platform that meets these specific needs and lets you make your own customization in the way that won’t break the base features. It can provide not only rapid deployment of the eCommerce project but also the ability to adhere to some complicated requirements. So it is not wondering that more and more business owners in Indonesia choose Magento for their eCommerce. But at the same time being quite a complex platform Magento needs truly experienced professionals to work with it, so for Indonesian Magento developers, it is vital to adopt the experience of successful and more sophisticated western colleagues and apply it to the development of eCommerce in their country. Thus, Meet Magento is a highly significant event for Indonesian professionals which can give them the opportunity to expand professional knowledge and skills.

Meet Magento Indonesia: How It Will Be

Meet Magento Indonesia is a new experience for both sponsors and attendees. But without doubts, Meet Magento Association will do its best to make this event bright, interesting and profitable as much as it is possible.


The first Meet Magento Indonesia will be held in Jakarta, in a beautiful luxury hotel - Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan that is situated only a few kilometers from the city center, stately residences and huge shopping malls. You will be delighted by these spacious and cozy rooms, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows with breathtaking city views. For real workaholics, there are suites with a separate working area, so you will have an opportunity to spend some time on your daily business. And those people, who prefer relaxation after busy conference day, can visit huge Ritz-Carlton SPA. Nineteen treatment rooms and private outdoor Jacuzzis which are situated in tropical gardens will gift you endless pleasure and bring balance to your mind and body. 


Among the speakers, declared on the official website of the conference, there are not only Magento developers and educators from the USA, the Netherlands and Japan, but also Indonesian eCommerce specialists - Catherine H.Sutjahyo, Tony Suryadi, Teresa Wibowo and many others. It is clear that the list of speakers will be updated during the preparation for the conference, but without doubts, every expert will bring to you some fresh and interesting information as well as help to consider trivial problems from a new angle of view. 

Some factors to consider while deciding to attend Meet Magento Indonesia 2016

It is well-known fact that most of Magento events are costly and require a lot of time to spend there. Meet Magento Indonesia 2016 is not an exception. So that it is quite important to decide if it is really reasonably for you to attend this conference. Thus, we want to offer you the test which can help you to make the right decision.


Do you agree with the following statements? Answer “Yes” or “No” and then see the results.

  • Do you know about eCommerce not by hearsay and deal with it every day?
  • Is Magento a part of your work or even of your life?
  • Have you got some acquaintances that also work with Magento but still looking for more like-minded people to discuss your new ideas regarding Magento improvements and extensions?
  • Do you always admire the speeches and presentation of real eCommerce professionals?
  • Are you always ready to broaden your horizons and get new knowledge of eCommerce and Magento development?
  • Do you want to improve your own business by getting new prospects and partners?
  • Do you like to be a part of a large and significant event?
  • Have you been dreaming about visiting Indonesia for a long time without getting a real opportunity to do this?

If you answered “yes” most of the questions, you definitely need to visit this promising event and charge yourself with the positive energy of new achievements in the eCommerce world. So take your chance and good luck!

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