Meet Magento Germany 2016: All You Should Know To Take Full Advantage Of Participation

Meet Magento DE 2016

All Magento events are very informative and present a number of benefits for the attendees. And of course, Meet Magento is not an exception. But there is one question that still remains open - how to make the trip really useful especially for your business?

The best way here is to use the individual approach. Because, as a rule, Magento conference participants come from different countries. And you know well that business in Germany, for example, can differ a lot from the conduct of business in the USA, the UK, Australia and in other countries). It was the first reason. The second is that participants usually represent different eCommerce spheres. The list of those who are involved includes Magento experts, online business owners, web development agencies, individual Magento developers and others. And the third is that the businesses are of different sizes and offer absolutely different kinds of products and services. It is not a full list of dissimilarities, but it is enough to show that individual approach means a lot.

So, today we want not just to tell you about the coming Meet Magento event, but also to give you several advices on how to take the full advantage of participation. Let’s start from the first point.

What Makes Meet Magento Germany 2016 Special?

Our team attends a lot of eCommerce events, including IRCE, MagentoLive, Meet Magento, etc. Of course, all of them have something in common, but at the same time they are different. By answering the question cited above, we can say that Meet Magento (it does not matter in which country it is held) always offers something new. It is its uniqueness! And speaking about Meet Magento Germany 2016, we cannot but mention the coming changes.

Meet Magento Agenda With New Focuses

A lot of new topics will be discussed on Meet Magento Germany conference this year. Below you can see the main of them (taken from the official website):

  • B2B eCommerce, the integration in ERP or supply chain management
  • Magento 2: migration from Magento 1.x or third party systems
  • Magento 2: in general and specific
  • Internationalization: Asia and Europe, business model, financing, how to
  • Digitalization

As you already know what issues will be raised, you can choose those, which are the most interesting for you.

New Location of Meet Magento Germany  

This year Meet Magento Germany has changed its location. This time it will take place in the new and stylish pentahotel in Leipzig. It really differs from the previous venues. The hotel is called “lifestyle hotel”. But, is that really so? 


In our view - yes! The hotel locates in the city centre near the Gewandhaus concert hall, the opera house, a variety of museums and galleries. All 356 rooms have a modern and contemporary design. They are fully equipped, so your stay in the hotel will be very comfortable. The unique feature is that the rooms have spacious marble bathrooms with a rain shower, which is specially designed for pentahotels. 

Moreover, as we are talking about the conference, it should be mentioned that in the pentahotel there are all necessary areas for conducting such kind of events including different meetings, workshops and exhibitions. Additionally, the hotel offers 700 underground parking spaces. It is important because some participants are coming by own or rented cars and need the place to park them. Also, there are special areas for relaxing, for example, large pool, fitness and sauna areas. So, people have the opportunity to take a rest after the conference brainstorming.

Meet Magento Corporate Design

Meet Magento has changed their corporate design. Now, they have new logos for all international MM events as well as for the Meet Magento Association. You can find them on Twitter, Facebook profile and on their website!

We have told only about a small part of changes, which impressed us the most. But if you want to know about all of them, go to the official website.

5 Basic Tips On Participation In Meet Magento Germany 2016

Tip 1 - Set Your Goals In Advance

Before you attend any conference you should ask yourself - What do I expect from this event? It is important because such kind of events usually is not cheap. There are special prices for participation in workshops and after parties. Of course, it is up to you and your company to take part or not. And if you want to take the full advantage of event, it is highly important to know well what information and opportunities you are looking for. Study the agenda in advance, choose the topics which will be useful for your business, make your own schedule. And in this way, you will miss nothing important and won’t spiral into chaos. The biggest and the most common mistake is to try to visit all sessions when you participate in huge event. Try to avoid it, otherwise you will just loose your time. 

Tip 2 - Visit Meet Magento Germany Official Website

The event website can help you to know all important details about the coming occasion. As we have mentioned above, there you can find the agenda and schedule. Also, it presents the information regarding location, sponsors and partners, pricing, etc. There is one page where you can find the latest news about the event, look through different interviews with speakers. 

Tip 3 - Be Open and Communicate With Participants

If you are shy, such huge event is not for you! To use the conference opportunities to the full, you have to be communicative as well as do not shrink from making new acquaintances. In this way, you will have a chance to learn from others and listen to their company success stories. If you are a merchant, you will be able to meet with your current and potential clients. Remember, you never know who you will meet there! Always there is a chance that coming meeting will open up new horizons for you. 

Tip 4 - Choose The Right People For Communication 

When you already have decided what you are waiting from the conference, it is time to look for people who can help you to turn the trick. Believe that Meet Magento is one of the best event for it! It is attended by a great number of both Magento and eCommerce experts from different industry spheres. There you won’t be left with nothing! Don't beat a dead horse. There is such kind of people who simply like idle talk. Be polite, but if you feel that some information is not interesting for you, try to avoid such conversation. 

Tip 5 - Do Not Forget To Relax

For some of you this advice may seem to be not very important. But it is wrong attention to it. Try to set aside some time for relaxing and for being “in peace and silence”. However, be attentive and do not forget to look at the schedule. 

In conclusion, I would like to say that in my opinion, Meet Magento Germany 2016 is the unique opportunity to meet new people, make new associations and connections. Some of them may help you in business, with others you may become good friends. However, these two points aren't mutually exclusive. Remember all our tips and your trip can become even more successful! When you back to your little office it will make you feel like you belong to something bigger, and you will see that it is a great feeling! If you are participating, then study and have fun! Keep in mind that you are in Germany, there is free food and drink, you are with like-minded people. So, simply enjoy it!

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See you in Leipzig!

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