All Over the World: Meet Magento 2018

Meet Magento 2018

This autumn Magento people will have an opportunity to visit Meet Magento 2018 almost anywhere in the world. In 2018 Meet Magento broadened the geographic scope and to be held for the first time in some countries. Anyone wishing can choose event according to budget or geographical location: tickets prices start at $20 and conferences will take place in Europe, Asia, USA and Latin America. 

Meet Magento Dubai

Date: September 3rd - 4th

Place: Westin Mina Seyahi Beach Resort, Dubai

Tickets: O/R

Key points: Meet Magento Dubai is the very first Meet Magento in the Middle East. Gary Specter, Magento Commerce Senior Vice President, will be there as one of the featured speakers. 

Meet Magento Argentina

Date: September 7th

Place: Hotel Hilton, Buenos Aires

Tickets: $800 - $1 600

Key points: 8 speakers and Product Evangelist and Magento Community Manager Ben Marks

Meet Magento Poland

Date: September 10th - 11th

Place: Alwernia Planet, Kracow

Tickets: ≈ $240 - $400 (899zł - 1499zł)

Key points: It is the 7th Meet Magento Poland Conference. 2 days, more than 30 presentations from inspirational speakers and 5 practical workshops will wait for you there.

Meet Magento Sweden

Date: September 17th

Place: Piperska Muren, Stockholm 

Tickets: ≈ $355 - $500 (kr3112.5 - kr4 362.5)

Key points: It is expected that the event will be attended by more than 400 people this year. Meet Magento Sweden will last one day, but it will be a day full of networking, speeches and party after.

Meet Magento 2018 Brazil

Meet Magento Brazil

Date: September 18th

Place: Caesar Business Vila Olímpia, São Paulo

Tickets: ≈ $40 - $85 (R$160 - R$320)

Key points: There are will be 20 lectures and itis expected that occasion will visit more than 500 participants.

Meet Magento Croatia

Date: September 28th - 29th

Place: Hotel Osijek, Osijek

Tickets: ≈ $170 - $200 (€145 - €170)

Key points: Meet Magento Croatia is the second year in the row. In 2017 it has more than 200 participants from 18 countries. This year PWAs will be the overriding theme.

Meet Magento Romania

Date: October 15th - 16th

Place: Cluj-Napoca

Tickets: ≈ $115 (€ 99)

Key points: TBA

Meet Magento Greece

Date: October 19th

Place: TBA

Tickets: ≈ $35 - $115 (€30 - €100)

Key points: TBA

Meet Magento Mexico

Date: October 25th

Place: Auditorio BlackBerry, Ciudad de México 

Tickets: TBA

Key points: TBA

Meet Magento 2018 USA New York

Meet Magento New York

Date: November 1st - 2nd

Place: New World Stages, New York

Tickets: $150 - $895

Key points: TBA

Meet Magento Asia

Date: November 8th

Place: Bangkok, Thailand

Tickets: $19.99 - $400

Key points: TBA

Meet Magento China

Date: November 12th

Place: Shenzhen, China

Tickets: TBA

Key points: TBA

Meet Magento Japan

Date: November 14th

Place: Sunshine City Conference Room, Tokyo

Tickets: ≈ $55 - $90 (¥6 000 - ¥10 000)

Key points: TBA

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