Magento Webinar: 3 Basic Strategies to Increase the B2B Shopping Experience

magento webinar b2b shopping experience

A lot of qualified specialists, such as Editor-in-Chief, Internet Retailer, Head of Customer Success Group and Enterprise Strategy (Magento), BookPal President and eCommerce Manager, School Health Corp took part in this, important for ecommerce, event.

Let’s look at B2B Internet statistics:

  • Fleishman-Hillard informs that 89% of all buyers use a search engine to start their “looking for a product” process.

  • More than half of all B2B buyers will purchase both products and services in the Internet shops by 2018. Therefore, salespeople will suffer bad losses.

  • According to Social Media and Sales Quota Survey, more than 50% of B2B customers state that they often look for product information on social media. The amount of B2B vendors who have own corporate social media accounts is 95% and half of them are still not active regularly.

  • The research has shown that 80% of all B2B buyers trust more to the  information indicated in articles rather than advertising texts.

As you can see B2B ecommerce is developing rapidly and a considerable amount of customers prefer to buy online. But, at the same time, we should not forget that the competition level also goes up. And to hold leading market positions you have keep abreast of an issue.

3 main Magento B2B tips 

Shopping Experience

It was found that online buyers need more personalized shopping experience. They are looking for searchable and personalized B2B websites, but unfortunately, in contrast to B2C online stores, not all of them can manage buyers expectations. What can you do here?

First of all, make your site easy to navigate. It will enable buyers quickly find all necessary products. Here, the best way is to implement a search module to your website that will help customers to filter all proposed products or services.

Secondly, show customers your awareness of their business. And after try to foresee their needs and wants. Account personalization will give you the opportunity to customize product recommendations, best-seller lists and wish-listing.

The next is tailored B2B offerings. Many online buyers prefer to configure products/services as well as agreement terms. All these demands a dynamic pricing. Provide you customers with such options, and it will make your ecommerce business more profitable.

Fast and Easy Self-Service

Provide your buyers with access to pricing, product details and availability. Make it quickly to find all necessary information. If this process takes too much time, visitors will leave your site and maybe never come back. Moreover, to save your clients time, make bulk order process quick and simple. Add buy button to the earlier transactions to make it possible reorder previous items.

These and other features, that can help provide your buyers with convenient self-service,  are presented in Magento Enterprise Edition.

Customer Service Upgrade

It is important to provide B2B site with convenient account manager. It will allow businesses to control buyer's’ actions and budgets without any problems. Making some routine actions automatic allows account manager to focus attention on relationship between sellers and customers. It will surely better marketing policy and consequently boost customer experience.

Also we would like to add one more point. It is Mobile Integration. Enable your  customers to place and manage orders from devices with different screen sizes and resolutions. Such approach will bring more benefits to your B2B business.

To conclude, we would like to say that the rightest way to make your ecommerce site user-friendly for B2B customers is to offer more personalization and locate products and services more effectively. And, here, a good example is a leading ecommerce book dealer - BookPal.This company customers can with a couple of clicks move from the home store page to the page with products they are looking for. Also, they can use search engine that makes this process even more faster. BookPal provides their B2B customers with bulk pricing that change according to an order quantity. Having provided the simplified order management system, they give their team opportunity to spend time for studying customers online activity. Now,  BookPal professional team are able to consult B2B customer on any issues connected with their business.

To know more about current issue, contact our Sam Ecommerce Magento Development professionals and they will provide you with necessary information. Our team has a great experience in this sphere. We worked with numerous B2B companies from such countries as the USA, England, Germany and even Australia.

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