Magento Tips and Tricks

Magento Tips and Tricks

What are the most important things for an online store? Large assortment of goods? Stable and fast work? 24/7 customer support? You are certainly right, these are really very important gears of the entire online trading mechanism, without which it is difficult to achieve success. However, without which online commerce cannot exist in principle? Right, without buyers, and what can attract buyers and make them come back to you again and again? The main cornerstone, beautiful website design and user experience. Magento provides simply unlimited possibilities for creating beautiful and unique sites, but if you create it incorrectly, users will get confused and are unlikely to get a good impression of its use.

Next, we’ll give you 6 useful tips for creating your own unique Magento online shop, which will make your site convenient, efficient and run like clockwork.

1. First impression matters

The development of any site begins with a thought out of its design, as it is just as important as the functionality of the site. A beautiful site attracts attention, makes the buyer spend more time on it, which increases website traffic and accordingly increases your profit. So before creating a site, we advise you to write out the main pillars of design on which your Magento site will stand. What color scheme will it have, how much it will be filled with illustrations, how will the product be added to the basket, and much much more. We also advise you to outline the site layout. You do not need to be Picasso’s heir and be able to draw. It is enough to simply outline the main points and an approximate design, and then you will see a complete picture of how the site will look like and it will be easier for you to make a start from this layout.

2. Customization is essential

Since Magento is an open-source platform, it provides simply unlimited possibilities for customizing your site both externally and functionally. You can choose a theme for your site from a huge list of paid and free themes and customize the theme for the needs of your site, which will allow you to make your site unique, save money, and turn site visitors into regular customers.

3. Do not forget about responsive design

We have repeatedly said how much mobile phones, tablets, and other devices have entered our lives and that they occupy a huge niche in online commerce. And in this regard, your site should look good on the screens of these devices. Magento allows you to create perfect sites that look good up to every pixel and function perfectly on a variety of screens of portable devices. Support for high retina resolutions, compatibility with AJAX, easy configuration of the external interface. All this is at your disposal and will allow you to work effectively on two fronts: desktop and mobile.

Magento Tips

4. Use calls to action

This item partially works on psychological aspects and calls to action really work great on conversion, and this item should be one of the highest priorities for you. Think of convenient and simple navigation on your Magento site, direct buyers to certain and important parts of the site with the help of neat calls to action, leave useful links that may be of interest to your customers. Observing this simple advice, you yourself will see how these fairly simple actions will begin to bear fruit.

5. Fall Back Logic

This pretty useful and powerful feature allows you to edit themes without duplicating all files. This way you only configure the files that you directly need. Select several topics and simply tell Magento which one to find and use when rendering the site. And at any time when you need to set up the main working theme, it will be enough for you to choose another theme, install it and continue to work.

6. Optimize for SEO

Market and competitor analysis is an integral part of e-commerce and helps to make your website more in demand. You should pay great attention to optimizing your search by keywords, as incorrect keywords can drastically reduce traffic on the site, and with it your profit. Also, a good move would be to create unique descriptions of your products, add feedback from your customers and integrate with social networks, and most importantly, you should use simple and memorable URLs to search, since a simple address will be easier to remember, and traffic to your Magento website will increase accordingly. Following these simple SEO tips will help your site be popular.

As you can see, Magento allows you to create unique solutions for your business, which can also be integrated with other services. An open platform, which is full of various free and paid topics, will help you create one of a kind site that will bring you profit and will delight your regular customers. So write to us and our Team of Senior Magento 2 Developers. Join us and we will help you achieve even greater heights.

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