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Today’s article is devoted to the most important event of this spring - Magento Imagine Conference 2016. It will allow you to find out more about the organization, participants and topics of this event. Let’s start from the very beginning!

Of course, those who are “veterans” in Magento business know well about this event. However, the chances are that some newcomers and ecommerce business startupers will also read our article. So, we decided to start it by telling you what is Imagine Conference.

5 Main Aspects of Imagine

Six years ago, Magento started Imagine. The main goal was to unite the global ecommerce ecosystem. It has already brought together more than 2,500 online business experts including tradesmen, agencies, and technology providers from almost 50 countries including the USA, the UK, Germany, Australia, Ukraine and other. So, now all of them are able to inspire, advance, educate, collaborate, and enjoy a unique experience.

Magento imagine inspire advance educate enjoy


A lot of leading experts and professionals from all around the world take part in Imagine. Last year, different entrepreneurs, authors, economists and other specialists acted as speakers and inspired other participants by presenting their keynotes. 


At Imagine, you have the opportunity to know about Magento latest strategies and  directions. Every year, Magento experts inform about new platform enhancements as well as about solutions presented on the market. Also, there you will be advised how to maximize your investment by using the boundless possibilities of ecommerce.


Three days of conference include General & Breakout Sessions, Special Sessions, and Networking Events organized in order to help merchants develop their businesses. All information is given in the form of presentations and business case studies. All participants will be able to improve their skills by taking part in different trainings and one-on-one consultations. 


At Imagine, senior executives, marketers, merchandisers, developers, and commerce visionaries meet and discuss Magento from different sides. They share expert advices, talk about the latest ideas, technologies, and strategies of Magento development. This conference gives the chance to build relationships or even partnerships with ecommerce leading experts.


Imagine offers not just business talks, but also some fun! As it is the best way to bring people together. A great amount of entertaining events are organized, for example poolside party at the Wynn Las Vegas.

Magento Imagine: How it was in 2015?

Last year, Sam Ecommerce flied to Las Vegas for the Magento Imagine in April. This trip gave us a chance to find out the latest trends in eCommerce, and see what changes occurred with the Magento company and with the industry as a whole.

The conference included 4 sessions:

  • Breakout Session 1: How To End Code Deployment Nightmares
  • Breakout Session 2: SEO for Magento
  • Keynote Session: Steve Wynn - a billionaire who built successful business was a featured keynote speaker at the Magento Imagine.
  • Wednesday Morning Session: Mark Lavelle is the Senior Vice President and General Manager of eBay Enterprise. He discussed Magento 2.0 and the overall Magento ecosystem.

The Key Point is that Magento announced Magento Enterprise and Magento Community versions.

Magento Imagine 2015 was opened and closed the same way – with great music. It was an informative, inspiring and entertaining event. The topics and speakers provided participants with priceless data regarding the latest trends in Magento ecommerce space. So, that is why we expect that this year the Imagine Conference will be even more interesting and engaging!

Magento Imagine 2016: What should we wait for?

Time and place

This year Magento Imagine Conference will last three days, from 11-13 April. As usual, it will took place in Wynn Las Vegas. 


Day 1: “ The kick off! Opening day is all about making connections. We have you covered with Special Sessions, Trainings & Networking Events”.

Day 2: “Get in the Magento groove at General Sessions and Breakout Tracks, before finishing the day at the Legendary Evening Event”.

Day 3: “Close the conference out by experiencing more great Keynotes, Breakout Tracks & Special Sessions.”

The full agenda you can find here: Magento Imagine Agenda

Keynote Speakers


Magic Johnson Enterprises  

Chairman & CEO


Magento Commerce



Co-Founder & Extreme Adventurer

One of the most discussed topics, at this conference, is going to be Magento 2. So, if you want upgrade to Magento 2.0 or migrate from existing store to Magento 2.0 and still have some questions (actually you may have a lot of them), you obviously have to visit this conference where Magento 2 experts will make all things clear.

One of the most anticipated moments will be the announcement of the Imagine Excellence Award Winners. The Best Web Design, Omnichannel, Mobile, Commerce Launch and other specialists will be honored for their achievements across different ecommerce areas. 

More information about this event you can find on the official site of this conference: Our Magento team also will be happy to help!

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