Magento Imagine 2020: What to Expect

Magento Imagine at Adobe Summit

This year the Magento Imagine conference is truly special because this year it is the 10th-anniversary conference. In the heart of the capital of gambling, Las Vegas, at Caesars Forum, an event will be held that will bring together thousands of people both at the exhibition itself and in front of device screens during a live broadcast. In this article, we will briefly tell you what awaits you at this event.

What to expect at Magento Imagine 2020?

This year the exhibition will be divided into more than 90 sessions that will be devoted to various topics, starting with the ideas of interacting with customers and ending with advanced solutions in the field of commerce. Here is a short listing of what awaits you at the event.

One of the main events of the exhibition will be related to the presentation by the leaders of Magento of new technologies and a roadmap. You will see with your own eyes a demonstration of the new opportunities of the Magento commerce, as well as learn how to become a member of the EAP program, which will allow you to be the first to experience and test in practice new opportunities that will be introduced in the future.

There will also be many conferences that will reveal some secrets and tips for those who are just starting their journey in the field of e-commerce. Everyone in this period accumulates a lot of questions that require answers and explanations, and it is at Magento Imagine 2020 that you will be told secrets and tricks so that your business grows and develops.

Adobe Summit 2020

Also, do not forget about the developers. A conference will be held at this event, which will be entirely devoted to creating ideal conditions for working with the Magento platform, from ensuring reliable operation and security, ending with the introduction of cloud technologies and optimizing work and speed of action. In addition to this, a conference will be held which will allow discussing all pressing issues of developers directly at the round table. In addition to your ideas that you can freely propose, various topics will be raised ranging from PWA, cloud technology and testing, to thoughts about health, time management, and events organization. If you are interested in this, then this conference is especially for you.

It is also worth considering that conferences will be held from leading experts in the industry who will tell you new trends and talk about new technologies for doing business. You will learn a lot of new information, as well as secrets that will help you attract new customers and increase your income. Be fully equipped with new information and tips.

Getting mobile

This year, the concentration of interesting events and conferences will be higher than ever, so we advise you in detail to allocate your time to be on time everywhere and not to miss anything interesting. So that you do not get lost in all this diversity, the organizers have developed a special The Summit Mobile App. Its set of opportunities will become your real help at the event. You can view the conference schedule, find out where and which conference will be held, contact other visitors and much more. Versions for iOS and Android will be available soon, so keep your finger on the pulse.

We work well - we have a good rest

If you think that the whole event will consist of endless conferences and constant listening to speakers, then you are deeply mistaken. You will find a lot of entertainment, events in the company of nice people and lots of positive emotions. You can visit the annual dike run to test yourself and your strengths, as well as meet new interesting people. After a good run, you can head to the party before the event itself, Pre-Imagine. This is a free event where you can have a tasty meal, have a drink and celebrate the opening of Magento Imagine 2020 in a circle of like-minded people, because this event is organized by members of the Magento community especially for community members, so it definitely won’t be bored. If this is not enough for you, then get ready for the April 1 feast-hearted party, whose headliners will be the famous Twenty One Pilots. This energetic duo is preparing to charge you with energy and provide you with a fun evening. Exactly what you need after long conferences. Adobe really knows how to have unforgettable parties after which they settle in memory for a long time.

Well then, let's summarize. A unique event awaits you, a real holiday for everyone associated with the e-commerce industry and skipping this is simply unacceptable. Las Vegas, Caesars Forum, from March 29 to April 2, we look forward to the exhibition and you at it, and if you want to chat with us right now, do not hesitate to write letters to us and our Team of Senior Magento 2 Developers.

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