Magento Imagine 2020: Major Changes and News

Magento Imagine 2020

We think it’s no secret to anyone that with the current situation in the world, most people try to stay in their apartments and houses. Coronavirus is now pretty hard hit in all sectors of services and entertainment. Shops, cinemas, gyms are closed. However, the online commerce department is currently experiencing a rather unexpected rise. Many people are now sitting at home, shops are closed and the only way to get what they want is to buy this thing online. That is why sales have now sharply increased for everyone involved in online commerce. And if you follow all the news until today, not only ordinary people try not to go anywhere. Against the background of general isolation, many exhibitions, festivals, concerts are canceled, production of films and series are stopped, and various exams and other events are postponed. However, many companies have found an excellent way out of this situation, and in order not to leave fans alone, most companies transfer their exhibitions to online tracks. For example, the Electronic Entertainment Expo 3 exhibition this year will be held completely online, which is an absolutely unique event. Magento is no exception and this year Magento Imagine event will be fully broadcast online and now we will talk about this and answer some questions that you might have in connection with this.

Global Situation

Despite the fact that both the organizers of the event and those who wanted to visit it are likely to be upset by this news, these measures are taken only for good purposes. An event of this scale is accompanied by a huge crowd of people in one place, which in this situation with coronavirus is a huge danger to you and your health. And the organizers of the event not only take care of you but also by their actions support the worldwide action, which is held under the hashtag #stayhome. This action is aimed at ensuring that as many people as possible remain at home and do not expose themselves to the danger of infection and thereby prevent the disease from spreading. Also, look at it from the other side. You can see all the conferences and news sitting in a comfortable chair, wrapped in a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa in your hands. Yes, maybe it's not as fun as if you were in vibrant Las Vegas surrounded by hundreds of like-minded people, but there is a certain charm in this type of conference.

A little bit about refunds

Actually, if you are going to return the money for the tickets, you may well issue a refund for the tickets and you will be returned in full. You will also be refunded for hotel reservations, but only if you have booked a hotel as part of the Summit Registration system. If you booked a place for yourself outside this system, all the worries about the refund for the reservation now lie entirely with you. But do not worry. Many airlines and hotels offer fairly flexible refund systems in connection with the situation with the coronavirus, so all you need to do is contact the company that provided you the services and there they will tell you what to do.

Magento Imagine 2020

Useful Links

Also, one of the main news will be that participation in the online conference will be completely free of charge. But, so that you don’t miss anything interesting and receive news on time about all changes and events, we advise you to register by clicking on the link.

Show format

Now let's talk how it all goes. Magento Imagine in content will be absolutely the same as we told earlier, however, the only difference will be that everything will happen in the format of online presentations and webinars, which is quite convenient. So again, we strongly recommend that you register using the link above, since only registered users will be able to access all webinars and presentations, and besides, you will receive messages in the mail about upcoming events so that you don’t miss anything. Unfortunately this year, most of the side events besides the presentations themselves will be canceled. For example, the promised concert of Twenty One Pilots, which was supposed to be held at one of the parties, will also be canceled for obvious reasons. However, perhaps the organizers are preparing something more interesting and suitable for the format of the online event so that you do not get bored in anticipation of new webinars and presentations.

And at the moment, this is all the changes that will await us at the largest online commerce event of the year. Undoubtedly, the transition to full online broadcasting is something new and everything, both the organizers and the audience will receive an interesting and unforgettable experience, which may well become the basis of many events in the future. Together with you we are looking forward to Magento Imagine and will watch this event together, and we keep our finger on the pulse of the news so that you don’t miss anything. Also, if you have questions not only about the conference but also other issues related to Magento, feel free to write to us and our Team of Magento 2 Developers and they will consult you and resolve all your questions. And that’s all for now. Do not be sick, stay at home and spend this time with your family and do not miss Magento Imagine 2020.

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