Magento Highlights of 2019

Magento Highlights of 2019

Summing up is a great way to look back and appreciate the whole path that you have traveled and see all your achievements over time. We do not neglect this and also want to see and tell you about the main events and achievements of Magento in 2019.

Magento released PWA Studio

With the launch of PWA Studio on January 15, Magento greatly facilitated the process of creating online stores and provided sellers with multi-channel and personalized interfaces. There is also an integration with Braintree PayPal, providing debit and credit transactions as a payment method. Since that day, native applications have become so convenient that they can give a much better shopping experience than their older brothers like Apple or Amazon.

Mark Lavelle leaves the company

On April 18, Mark Lavelle left the company, writing a touching farewell letter in which he thanked all his colleagues and the Adobe and Magento team for the wonderful years of fruitful work, and also wished the whole company further successes and new high achievements.

Mark Lavelle Magento Imagine 2019

Magento Imagine 2019

From May 13 to May 15 in vibrant Las Vegas, the most important and largest event for Magento was held, which became even larger, and was also broadcasted online for the first time. More than 3,000 people attended the conference, and over 1,000 online viewers watched this event. In addition to pleasant communication and a good atmosphere of the event, visitors received a unique opportunity to hear first-hand the main announcements of this event.

Magento Order Management

The launch of Magento Order Management, which provides flexibility and convenience in fulfilling orders, allowing them to be executed from anywhere in the world using any device, whether it be a personal computer or a tablet, which significantly increases the scale of sales.

Adobe Experience Platform Launch Extension

Adobe Experience Platform Launch Extension allows you to deploy and manage the analytics, marketing, and advertising integrations which is necessary to improve the quality of customer service. And most importantly, this extension was developed by the Magento community.

Amazon sales channel has become available in the UK

On October 22, the United Kingdom joined the United States, Canada, and Mexico, which already worked fully through Magento. However, the company promised to add support for additional European territories in 2020.

Amazon sales channel

Early Access Program for Magento Commerce Product Recommendations

Starting January of this year, Magento will launch the Early Access Program to Magento Commerce customers, which will help sellers significantly increase their sales, since studies have shown that correctly made recommendations help retailers increase their sales by more than 30 percent. For large stores, this figure rises to 35 percent.

Magento Google Shopping ads Channel

From now on all advertising features on the Google Network are designed and supported by Magento, providing enhanced functionality and effective advertising in just a few clicks.

As you can see, Magento is gaining more and more success every year and helping thousands of its customers to provide top quality online services, becoming more successful and developing the e-commerce market. If you want to be part of this friendly community, feel free to contact our Team of Senior Magento 1 and Magento 2 Developers!

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