Magento Forums: A Full Guide

Magento Forum

From time to time you might face difficulties with Magento. It’s OK, because there are several thousands of people which are ready to help you at any time of the day and night. 

Magento Tech Resources

Magento Tech Resources it’s the first place you should go if you want to know more about Magento. It is the place where you can find solution of most of your issues with Magento. You can find guides for Installation and Upgrade, Documentation for Developers and Release Information.

Magento Tech Resources

The best way to find out everything that you need is to read it all. But there is too much static information. That’s means that you can find an answers but here you can’t ask other users. And we know that sometimes you might need an advice. So this is what are forums for.

Magento Community

Magento Community is considered as one of the biggest Magento forums. And this one is official forum of Magento community/network that includes more than 300 000 members and almost 90 000 posts.

On top of the main page you’ll find a quick menu button . When you tap on it, you can see all the categories such as Events, Core Technology - Magento 1 & 2, Extensions, General Discussions, etc.

At the bottom of the page you can find the International Community category. That includes 10 subcategories such as Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Indian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. 

Magento International Community

On the Main page you also can find Latest Topics and Top Solution Authors. And its works fine for you even if you don’t have any issues and just want to know more.

Magento Community Latest Topics

Magento Expert Forum

Even thought that this Magento forum in not affiliated with or endorsed by the Magento Ecommerce Project, here you can find more than 30 000 posts and 13 000 members. The forum calls upon to share Magento skills, so it looks like it is more suited for developers. But here you can find almost 10 000 threads and at least one of it should help you.

Magento Expert Forum

To find what you need you can use Custom Search, use Latest Forum Threads or Tag Cloud. 

By the way, the average number of users of Magento Expert Forum is 200 every time that you’ll visit it and the most popular category is Magento Extensions with 3000 threads and daily updating. 

Magento Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange - the world’s largest growing programming community. Here you can not only asking and answering questions of other users, but vote for the best answer. So that’s why you can find the most useful and correct response to a question. 

Magento Stack Exchange

It is very active community and people asking/answering/voting almost every minute. So if you want to get a quick answer you should go there. 


Quora is another place to ask your question and get an expert opinion, but you’ll have to wait. There are too many questions from different topics and Magento is not on top here. But if you have time and your question is not urgent, Quora is the best to get a qualified person’s opinion. 

Quora Magento

Other Forums

If you have questions or difficulties with integrations, extensions or etc., you should know that some of the products has its own forum where the technical support team helping users with all the questions they may have. For example, Webrotate360.

Also you can find a lot of useful information in blog or you can ask Our Magento Developers Team for help with you Magento Store. 

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