Most Popular Magento Extensions For Better Performance

most popular magento extensions for better performance

Most Popular Magento Extensions For Better Performance

If you are an experienced online business owner, you may already know that customer relationships are very important part of your eCommerce success. So, you should try to do everything possible to keep these relationships easy and trust. But there are some problems that can alienate customers.

Commonly, the most significant aspect which affects customers loyalty is a low speed of the web store performance. It can make your customers feel nervous, irritated and even leave your store without any purchase. And, without doubt, this is a bad influence on your cash income. 

But several correct extensions for your eCommerce web store can dramatically change its speed. So in this article we want to offer you a top of the most popular extensions to better your Magento store performance.

Speedster by Fooman

Speedster is one of the most popular free Magento extensions that has been successfully installed on thousand of Magento stores. This extension works combining multiple Javascript and CSS files into a single Javascript file and single CSS files to reduce the page load time. It also minimizes the total size of the files and the number of HTTP requests. At the moment Speedster is controlled by an advanced self-testing framework, so the big advantage of this extension is that you can enable as soon as the configuration has been set up correctly and all self-tests run successfully. Although it is still important to do testing for existing Javascript errors on your site before installing because this self-test does not include it.

Also, the producer warns about the risk of Javascript errors that can be caused by combining Javascript files. So, you should be more careful and make thorough testing on a test site in the case your web store already contains minified files or it uses Jquery.

Magento Footer JS

Magento Footer JS is an experimental Magento extension that is not very popular nowadays but still efficient to speed up your Magento site. Probably, you are already acquainted with the technique of improving page load times - moving JavaScript to the end of the page. But usually, developers face the problem of the inability to do this due to the big number of inline JavaScript found in templates. This extension finds and removes any javascript from core_block_abstract_to_html_after to the end of the body. That makes the performance of your site significantly better.

Turpentine Extension by

This Magento extension works with a very fast reverse-proxy caching  - Varnish. But Varnish cannot cache requests with cookies by default and Magento needs send the frontend cookie with every request causing a zero hit-rate for Varnish's cache. It takes some time and as the result the speed of site loading is not very high. Turpentine configures Varnish to work with Magento and modifies Magento's behaviour to notably improve the cache hit rate. But you should understand that this extension does not help you to speed up checking out or adding things to the cart. It is effective for caches to speed up browsing of the site.


Lesti::FPC is a Full Page Caching module that can also be  used to speed up the frontend of your web store. This is an internal full page cache for Magento, which works with events and does not need any external software. So before sending the response to the customer, this tool  replaces dynamic blocks.

Control for CloudFlare

CloudFlare is another highly useful Magento extension to speed up your Magento store. Using this tool you can easily control the main features of CloudFlare directly from your Magento admin page. It allows to load CSS, JavaScript and image files not from you server but from distributed servers around the world, seriously reducing loading time. So the customer will browse pages at incredible speed. In addition, CloudFlare can provide a number of other useful features like resourcing caching, files security etc.

Cm_RedisSession and Cm_Cache_Backend_Redis

Currently, Magento supports many cache backends with the file system, APC and Memcached. Cm_RedisSession is a Redis-based session and Cm_Cache_Backend_Redis is a Zend Cache backend for Redis that provides full support for tags. Both of them are compatible with Magento and can greatly improve your web store performance. 

Redis session and back end caching are supported by Enterprise Edition (EE) 1.13 and later and Community Edition (CE) 1.8. Also, it is possible to use the Redis extension for PHP version 2.2.3 or later for back end caching. But anyhow Magento can work without this extension. Among the benefits that Redis provides for Magento implementations, we can highlight the ability for Redis to be used for PHP session storage. Along with that Redis provides much better eviction control and its back end is written with eviction support in mind.

So, as it was said before, the performance of the web store plays an important role and can dramatically impact on eCommerce success. Don’t hesitate to use any of these extensions to speed up your store.

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