Magento and Amazon: Integration of Titans for Superior Multi-Channel Retailing

Magento and Amazon

Few Words about Multi-Channel Retailing

These are the customers who run the retailing world. They want to buy whenever they want and wherever they feel most comfortable. For merchants, it meant the start of product sales not only in brick-and-mortar stores but also in online ones. It was the beginning of multi-channel retailing: the offline and online retailing strategy.

Nowadays, when we talk about multi-channel retailing, we usually mean several online channels among which social media, CSEs and marketplaces are the most popular.

Three major online retail channels:

  1. Social Media. From the place for meeting new people and chatting with friends, social media have grown to a powerful retail channel. At first, merchants could only post advertisements there, but recently, a number of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others) introduced their Buy Buttons.
  2. Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs). The hunters for low prices can find you on platforms that offer price comparison. Such websites can advertise products or sell them too.
  3. Marketplaces. Marketplaces are outstanding sources of revenue, and Amazon sticks out among others.

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Native Magento Integration with Amazon

In 2017, almost 45% of online retail sales were done on Amazon Marketplace. And the amount of sales on Amazon is anticipated to grow already this year. The presence on Amazon plays an immense role for any merchant, and Magento users are not the exception. Therefore, no wonder that Magento decided to implement a native integration with Amazon.

Using Magento as a multi-channel software isn’t something unknown for merchants. However, for this reason, you have to use third-party modules or extensions. So Magento came up with the idea to offer their users a native tool for integration with Amazon. 

The native Magento integration with Amazon is going to offer:

  • The support of all Amazon’s marketplaces worldwide: not only in North America but also in Europe and Asia-Pacific including the Amazon Business marketplace;
  • The centralized order management: finally, you’ll be able to bring all the information about the orders under one roof;
  • The automated process of product listing across all Amazon’s marketplaces;
  • The access to profound reviews of the competitors’ prices;
  • The access to the unique tools that aim to enhance the product visibility and boost sales;
  • The access to the Amazon Strikethrough Price.

On the whole, the native Magento integration with Amazon is designed to assist merchants to sell their products fast, easy and cost-effectively. Magento streamlines multi-channel retailing, so merchants have more time for improving their brands.

However, you should know that only Magento 2 users will be able to make use of this new feature. Moreover, there is no exact launch day yet. The project is in an early access program (EAP) now and available only on request. The general availability is expected soon.

In the meantime, you can contact our Skillful Magento Developers and discuss the details of the migration of your online store to Magento 2.

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