Magento 2 Extensions: Finance, Customizations and Customer Support

Magento 2 Extensions

In Magento Marketplace you can find more than 2000 Magento 2 Extensions. And in this count is too hard to choose the one that fits your store perfectly. So in this post, you can find a few useful extensions that will help you with finance, customizations and customer support.

We chose extensions with the biggest amount of users’ reviews. Choose the one (or a few) that will help you to boost your Magento site or contact us, we will help!

Accounting & Finance

EPR & AccountingConnect Xero extensions will help you with all kind of data regulation. It exports all information from Magento, so you don’t have to spend much time on it. Here you can track your sales, control taxes, currencies and customer information. It’s good for you if you have a big amount of sales and you need to control it. On official site prices are starting from $9 per month.

Taxes. In this subcategory pay attention to the free AvaTax extension. The taxes managing sometimes takes too much time and, let’s be honest, this is not the best way to spend it. The extension has a bunch of useful and necessary functions that could make your life easier. 

Content & Customizations 

Mobile. T-appz extension will turn your Magento site to mobile for a short time. To find out how it works you can request a free trial. But you should know, that now PWAs are gaining market, so firstly pay attention to it. 

Personalization & Experience Management. With Nosto Personalization you’ll get a pack of options, that will help you to increase your sales, create campaigns, analyze customers and interaction with your store. It is easy in installation, integration, and navigation. The tool has many options that easy to customize. Good option for midsize business. But there a huge BUT in pricing. 

Magento 2 Extensions

Product Content. URL Rewrite Regeneration is a very easy and useful tool that helps your site to change the way you URLs shows up on your site. This is an important SEO instrument that makes your site more friendly for Searching Engines. 

Rich Media. Banners are very strong and necessary instrument, that helps your site to attract customers and inform them. It can change all the way your site looks. With Rich Banner Slider you’ll get such options as unlimited slides collections; a chance to create banners and place it in every on-site location; scheduling slides; slide views/clicks statistics. The price starting from $149 for Community edition. It has the biggest amount of users reviews, but it is still not perfect.There are site errors possible, so use it carefully or contact a good-skilled team of Magento experts

Site Search & Navigation. We’ve already emphasized that site search is a very important tool on your site that helps customers to find something that needed. And Layered Navigation Filters is a good option for it because it helps users to shop by size, color, material, price and etc. Please note, that fails errors are possible. 

Translation and Localization. This subcategory is one of the most sought after because often online stores working with two or more countries. If you thinking about customer’s language comfort, you could use an extension from this subcategory. It will help your customers to look through your site on its native language. You can pick a language pack that works best for you and your customers. Here you can find German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian and many more. 

Customer Support

Live Chat. As you may know, a feedback is very important to users, so live chat is the best way to interact and support. Zendesk Chat, except the above, provides a statistic of visits and an opportunity to get offline messages. The Lite version is free to use, but you’ll have not so many options. The extension price is $39 without installation services. And to use this chat you’ll need an account on the site

These extensions are, definitely, may be useful and helpful for you and your site. But the quick option is not always the best. So if you looking for a chance to make your site user-friendly, fast and furious with unique decisions that will work good and properly, just contact Our Magento Development Team

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