Live-chat for Magento 2 Store. Why is it a Big Deal?

Magento Live-chat

Excellent customer experience is always a top priority for an e-commerce businessman. You can deliver it in different ways. Simple and fancy website design, a wide range of goods, a delivery system that works like a clock. But today we will discuss another way to please your clients. Fast answers to their questions are vital to show clients your care about their needs. And in the fast-developing world where the personal time is very restricted, email answers are too slow and complicated. And to solve this problem we will show you 5 benefits of using a live-chat in your Magento 2 store.

1. Time-saver for customers and support workers

Free your customers from the long waits for answers via email. Also, dialog through the mail can be a little bit tricky for a customer and all these factors lead to one conclusion - bad customer support. Live-chat can provide a fast answer right on the web-page where customers encountered a problem. Also, live-chat gives support managers an opportunity to help many customers in a short period of time. Fast problem solving will give you a better customer attitude to your store.

2. Perfect analytics tool

Many live-chats are packed with special features that help you to monitor your clients' activities in your store and analyze tricky moments in the shopping process for a better understanding of what should be improved. Your live-chat workers also can analyze the most popular queries in your store and give you the right feedback on a store situation. Meantime gathering tools will give you lots of visitors’ information like location, browser details, and so on.

3. It saves your money

A lot of surveys showed that live-chat is much cheaper than email or phone support. It's crucial if your budget is heavily restricted or you are at the start of your e-commerce journey. And you should always keep in mind that live-chat is a great multi-tasking tool that increases the effectiveness of your support team.

Live-chat for Magento 2

4. Decrease of bounce rate

Leaving customers not only hits your revenue, but it hits your future traffic and rankings in search systems like Google or Yahoo. Live-chat will decrease this index. Your "May I help you?" in the time of need can quickly change the customer's mind and he won't leave you without buying something.

5. Average order value growth

That's right. While your support manager is having a personal conversation with a customer, he can sell lots of goods based on customer needs. Also, you can advise different goods which customers did not intend to buy and introduce the client to some better analog of the product that he wanted to buy earlier. You can work in both ways: increasing your average order value and helping customers with shopping and problem solving tied with goods and needs

And now a small gift for you. We want to present you 2 great live-chat extensions for Magento 2. Both are filled with great functionality and will be an excellent help in your business. The only difference between them is their distribution system: one extension is subscription-based, and the other is required one-time transaction. Thus, you can choose the most suitable for your needs and recourses.

Price: Free (14 days trial version), Subscription-based

It's a great extension that gives you an opportunity to add a live chat widget to your site and give your customers quick answers. You can customize the looks of the widget and also you can make an online survey via this extension to gather useful feedback. The minimalist admin panel will please your administrator with ease of work with it.

Price: 65$

Very powerful extension with good functionality. It has a convenient file-sharing system that allows you or your customers to send specific content like pictures or ZIP files. To make conversations more alive and friendly it has the support of different emojis and you can customize your chat avatar. And for more flexibility, you can allow your admins to change different aspects of the chat like background, window colors, header texts, and so on.

Building a strong customer base is not an easy task. And providing excellent quality services is one of the steps towards expanding the number of customers and improving attitudes towards your business. Live chat is a great and easy way to improve your connection with your customers and make them happy. And most importantly, this method is available to everyone: both real whales of the online commerce business and novice sellers who want to begin their journey in selling their goods and services. We hope that this article was useful and interesting to you. If you have interesting questions related to Magento 2, please contact our Magento Agency and our Team of Magento 2 Developers will advise you on all your questions.

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