Better and Faster: New Magento Instant Purchase Checkout Feature

The well-known e-commerce giant Amazon has been the one owner of the one-click checkout process for 10 years. The competitors could choose from 2 ways of behavior – either licensing the technology of Amazon or repeating purchases facilitated by the experience. The latter variant means waiving more beneficial rates of conversion. 

And at last the patent of Amazon for this technology has expired this September. So, the owners of online stores can propose to their clients the more progressive way of buying. Magento reacted immediately, and the experience of Amazon has become a feature of the latest Magento Commerce release. This fact shows that Magento is really the e-commerce flagman. 

The rate of the failed purchase process was about 70% last year. The situation was even worse on the mobile devices. Magento Commerce is on hand to find the solution. The Instant Purchase helps to return the clients with a faster experience of order formalization thanks to the information about the payment details and shipping peculiar points that was saved previously. 

Thus, some checkout steps can be successfully skipped. After selecting the button of Instant Purchase on a product page, the client is transited to a page of confirmation immediately. Then the order is placed there. Now it’s no more obligatory to do the routine actions of the same information and data entering. Magento makes it easier!       


The traders who use the Instant Purchase noticed that it helps to place the customers’ orders 90% faster. It’s also available for mobile devices and helps to reduce friction in the mobile shopping process. The useful function is also the impulse sales stimulation. The buyers can purchase the items while going through your product pages without seeing the reminder about the sum of money they have to pay for all goods in the cart. It prevents the buyers from been stunned with the sum of money they are going to spend.

Instant Purchase launches Braintree Vault. It’s used for keeping the information about the payment details and is available with the leading electronic payment systems. Magento provides the needed flexibility for the traders, and it’s possible for them to modify a text of the button that is in charge of the Instant Purchase function actuation. Thus, the experience can be customized for the traders’ demands.

So, we can say that Magento reacts very quickly to the market tendencies and enables the modern solutions to improve the e-commerce experience. Some other advanced features will be presented in the future releases. 


It was not only the Instant Purchase to be presented in the latest release of Magento Commerce. Besides, the dotmailer has become an automated service for the successful marketing campaigning through e-mail. It was integrated to provide growing of the sales. So, the campaigns can be started by the traders very easily and fast. 

By means of the dotmailer about four thousand B2B and B2C brands are successfully serviced. They are representatives of the great number of countries – about one hundred fifty. Thus, the faster and smarter email campaigns are available for the customers. They provide the return of investment maximizing through capabilities of the progressive personalization. Furthermore, the advanced segmentation is also provided. All attributes of Magento are used including integrations with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. This helps the campaigns which have serious targets to get an accomplished outlook of the customers.

The automated campaigns are supported with dotmailer through such channels as Push, SMS and email. The dotmailer manages the transactional emails for the Magento based internet stores. The dotmailers’ trait is a special editor. It combines functions of drag and drop. Thus, it can provide a very flexile toolset for the easier implementing of the advanced marketing techniques. The customers are provided with an expert advice and support any time of the day the whole week thanks to the live support. By the way, the free trial version of the dotmailer is available for a fortnight on their website. 


Now, thanks to the Advanced Reporting, the traders can operate more efficiently and intelligently. The Magento Admin gives access to the convenient interface that provides delivering of twenty reports to the traders. They provide the significant business information by means of the 3 dashboards:

1. Products. It contains information about the number of the purchased products. The sorting parameters are volume and revenue. It also helps to distinguish bestsellers.

2. Orders. The total quantity of orders, taxes and some fees, the average order value and revenue are reflected in this dashboard.  

3. Customers. There is information about all registered accounts, some customer rates and those customers who are unique by some parameter.

Every day the information gets updated, and the various ranges of date can be shown in the reports – for example, it may be a one day or a couple of years as well. The reports also can be filtered by another parameter. It is a store view. So, Magento proposes its clients to improve managing of their business by means of the progressive reports. They are designed specially for the business purposes and provide good visualization and metrics.


Integration of the Magento Shipping is also provided by the latest Magento Commerce release. The traders can manage the shipping tasks completely instead of the multiple extensions using. From the Magento Admin it’s possible to compare the shipping prices as well as to configure the options of shipping and the fulfillment rules. The more rapid access to the carriers is available for the traders too. It improves the operations and the customer experience. As a result – increasing of the profit. 

The users of the Magento Commerce latest release need just to fill in the form in the Magento Admin, and the shipping will be available. Do start the New Year with the progressive tools for improving your business and making it more profitable! Do you still have any questions? Fell free to contact our team of the professionals! 

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